The Bible and Prophetic Dates

Sorry if I’m duplicating an already existing thread on the Bible. I did look at the pre-existing threads and wanted to create something with a cleAn slate. It’s just out here for thought and opinion. No heated debates needed…lol. Go at me private for that.

I was just having a small philosophical discussion (telepathic of course!) with my spirits regarding the parallels between biblical and Magickal prophetic visions and trying to pinpoint specific calendar dates.

My view and I think most of my spirits agreed that: “each person goes through their own armogedon, or apocalypse, and each person will go through a ‘rapture’ state. It’s all part of ascent.” For years I fell victim (as a Roman Catholic) to the mentality of “dates are set in stone, and that’s when they will occur!” I don’t know that I believe all of that now for two reasons.

  1. As the good Roman Catholic that I was brought up to be, I never have read the entire bible from front to back. Therefore, I may be missing pertinent information or hidden prophetic details that others who dutifully went to bible school studied. (Not making fun of…just feeling for.)

  2. I had to realize that some parts of the Bible were not meant to be etched in stone, and over the years had to compromise my belief in the Bible being “God’s pure word” and should be taken word for word. If I had accepted the “word of God” at face value, I could never have explained situations and parts of my life that existed beyond my control and didn’t fit the image of what I thought a loving God should or would do or expect.

Therefore, for me as a black magician, I can say I have had to resign my old faith and beliefs and move to a liberating and thought freeing spiritual path. I don’t have a need to feel oppressed because of sexuality, spirituality, or who I choose to love or if I want to of don’t want to get married. Enough said there. Whew!

My point, I’m coming to the conclusion that terms that cross spiritual path boundaries, such as “revelation”, “rapture”, “apocalypse”, “Armageddon”, and other Nostradamus type “date etched in a place in the stone” may not have been meant to be that. The concluding thought I had with my spirits was this before I took my nap…:stuck_out_tongue:

“The big prophetic visions and terms may not have ever intended to be, nor should they be taken as “calendar dates”, but rather, “life events” experienced by each individual in their own journey through life.
Curious to your thoughts and views. Also, I’m ignorant on a lot of bible intricacies, so feel free to bring up missing points which would help to steer my understanding of this topic much better. Thanks in advance for your input!


That’s an interesting interpretation. I’ve begun to believe that much of what Revelations describes was believed to have already occurred with the Beast being a Roman Emperor (not sure which) and the mark of the beast possibly being the currency of the time or the compulsory Emperor worship.


According to a documentary a way back the Beast was Nero, the number 666 was a code for him in some basic numerological cipher or something, there is also another number in another version of the revelation in different language so that the numerological value would be the same.


Thank you. That was going to drive me crazy if I didn’t remember that.

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The oldest extant manuscripts that include the Book of Revelation use 616 as the Number of the Beast rather than 666, for what it’s worth.


Thanks i knew there was atleast another number aswell but couldnt remember. Still supports the idea of Nero as i understod it.

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Also the number of the beast appears inverted in the dreams of man thus 999. There are many sides to this part of history. If you look at it from a Gnostic perspective you will see the theme that the beast is a man, but not a singular man. Nero was one, Constantine was one, some say certain popes where the antichrist or this one is, some say all the popes are antichrist, I personally interpret the concept of the antichrist as a part of Ratziel (The secret of God) and Emmanuel (God is with us) There is definitely a divine plan in order, there are now two antichrists more people than ever in history are becoming or have already become spiritually illuminated, you have the antichrist of gods plan the return of the messiah which he already came back as Ophiuchus in the new age, and then you have the other antichrists the ones practicing a disrespectful and abomination of an ancient tradition, which simply put through our greater works will help to administer the justice that needs to be dealt to the human species as a whole.

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Just a theif in the night, ponder upon the esotericism of this joke why is was six scared of seven, because seven, eight, nine.
Kumbiya my lord, I ate!

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