The best way to use a Oujia Board?

I want to speak with Prince Orobas by. means of a Oujia board is their any skills that I must know to get the best results

PrinceX.That was a great video on the Oujia broad I do not want to use it at home because my family dislike what I do so I am going to find a free thinking woman and get a room at a Hotel and work with the board there just to get a feel. It might be a good idea

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Thank you, glad you find it helpful.

Sounds like a good idea to start with it. You’ll have time and freedom to work with it and have much better results. It’s a good practical tool once you get used to it.

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Use a consecrated pendulum with the board - all by yourself.



You may draw over a part of the Oujia the sigil of Orobas, or keep near a piece of paper with it.
Sit at a round wooden 3-legged table, perhaps on another table or on the ground have a lit candle and burning incense.

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Will the sigil of Orobas cause him to always be with me?