The best way to get that last piece off

I am growing I know I am despite this “standstill”. But yet in my dreams I am having one major issue that I know alot of you have.

This issue shows up as someone I live with come into my room uninvited and goes through my stuff to find out I am a practitioner. Like a dream I had last night and someone saw my Balphamet statue (the one I actually don’t have out but still appears some times in my dream.) This I know is programming about fear. Fear of what others may think or worse yet my landlord finding out.

I am in no financial place to move this moment but am planning to next year. I am just annoyed on how this happens quite often in my dreams and know it’s a blockage that has been created from living with people like this most of my life.

I would like to start to get over this last bit that is blocking me. So what advice do you have that could work?

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In my first apartment I had to practice “undercover” because I had no extra room for my stuff and we had visitors on a regular basis and a nosy landlord/his family living in the same house and having a key to our apartment. I decided to hide a part of my tools in plain sight as decoration items or souvenirs (I mean, everybody has some rocks and plants and trinkets, these days). The more “juicy” stuff (like my altar) was placed inside a wooden chest that I could simply close up and shove under the couch or the bed or into the chamber with the utility things.

If you can mask some of your tools as “lifestyle decoration” along other harmless things, people won’t ask questions and you don’t have to feel uncomfortable for having them around. If you are REALLY concerned because of your landlord (if he has access to your living space, for example) I would recommend something that you can lock up (like a chest or a cabinet) while you are having the keys with you. If you know that some of your things are only accessible to you alone it will give you a big peace of mind.

My practice room is ALWAYS locked up now, because some of my visitors enjoy to walk into my private rooms without waiting for my permission. I am not downright anxious to get “caught”, I simply don’t enjoy to engage into discussions about these things with people who would not understand.


Thank you for this response. I personally don’t have to much worry on them coming in, it’s just a unconscious fear of being found out. Mostly I think it’s because where I live the landlord is also a nun. So I could easily be seen as a threat and be kicked out.

I am tired of having this unnecessary fear in my dreams because I know it’s blocking me from some good experiences. I practice in my room openly and quite comfortably. It’s just in my dreams that fear plays out and I’m just sick of it. I suppose the real remedy is to move but that is not a financial possibility till next year.

I also know it has things to do with my past as a person growing up in a church family. So much fear has been in planted in me it’s literally to the point it makes no sense. Like for example most of the dreams it’s about someone bursting into my room and just going through my stuff as if looking for the objects. I even had dreams my land lord and a few others coming in and taking my stuff away from me. It feels like a literal battle at times as crazy as it sounds.

I see.
How about this: whenever you are filled with this kind of fear (I imagine that some days are better than others?) you could end your day with the visualization about how your stuff is securely locked away in your dreams and how these people won’t find anything. At some point this internal programming should influence your dreams. Your dreams seem to feed your anxiety which feeds your dreams in return, etc. If you could condition yourself to the experience that your visitors won’t find anything in your dreams or would even stay out of your space overall, it could take away a lot of this inner pressure.

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I will give this a try thank you. :pray:t2:

Oddly enough I watched this video that I know I was supposed to watch it earlier but didn’t lol. But after this video it kinda made me come to a personal understanding of things.

And to add to things it seems I get these videos when I need them most lol