The best Demon to destroy someones Ego?


Ive been told this many times. Wrong intent, wrong energy, wrong approach. Their consciousness was not right.

In laymans terms of a crowded and competitive global market place, the only effects they were having is they were invalidating their position and turning themselves into a "commodity.’


This hasn’t been my experience. I usually have a clear goal of somekind in mijd when i go to work with a spirit,god, demon. Angel, ect but the end results tend to be reliant on the actions i take both in and put of rituam rather than the thoughts or feelings around them.

I have had times i have had Emotions and thoughts of a sadistic and cynical nature when working with Michael for training purposes but i kept up the work. He seemed to only care about me doing the work and getting results, with the amount of electrical lunacy involved i think he is used to being patient.

I have had similar experiences with king beleth, belial and the divs.

So long as you are not intentionally disrespectful your generally ok. Most of the entities i have encountered so far get human can be emotionally and psychologically combustible. Some will push your buttons as part of the teaching if your aiming for self control.


You can do it. You are smart and a good person and will succeed at anything you truly desire. Keep us updated :hugs:


REALLY well said. You taught me a lot in your comment there. Thanks for providing all that :blush::blush: