The best Demon to destroy someones Ego?

What is the best Demon to use as part of a ritual to destroy a persons out of control Ego and need for control over others constantly?

Thanks in advance




I really want to work and Evoke Belial, but I am slightly nervous about him for some reason.


How would you recommend I first contact Belial as you are so knowledgable about him? I feel a calling to him but I know I don’t want to upset him either

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Approach him as you would any other spirit, with respect, and as an equal.

The only way you would upset him, is if you call upon him and grovel or are weak willed. Never, ever, refer to him as your master, or lord. As he has said to another member of this forum, he is no one’s master and does not like to be thought of as such. He is all about self sufficiency and responsibility.

He dislikes arrogance, and narcissism, and that’s why I recommended him for your goal.


I intend to offer him my addiction. I smoke 4 cigs per day and it is my only vice. I plan on quitting cold turkey and then evoking him a few days later and this as an offering of respect. Maybe he’d like this?
Thanks for that. I think he and I would get along well as I dislike those things largely.


Yes, he most likely would consider a sacrifice of your addiction to be a sign of your seriousness and would respect you for it, as he also dislikes anything that exerts control over someone because he sees it as a weakness.

You may want to do a divination just to confirm but I would say it would be a great offering.


Great. I will suffer badly for a few days with Nicotine withdrawal and quit permanently but offer this for him. Thank you for all of your help. I plan on doing this next week


You’re welcome. :slight_smile:

You can never go wrong with the mighty Belial.


don;t know about demons but U can start working with Saturn, best for grounding and humiliating.


Satan and Leviathan.


Lucifer as his light burns the ego.

The embrace Lucifer’s darkness as the black sun In order to rise from the abysmal infernal hellfire of the Infernal emperor himself.

In his darkness the soul stripped of ego undergoes a alchemical transmutation and achieves a spiritual metamorphis.

Another way is to perform the lake of fire ritual with Abaddon, Amaymon, Belial and Azazel.
To strip away weakness, ego, humanity and rise as a infernal king / queen amongst the hierarchy of all demons.


That would be the emotional and instinctual part of the brain realizing someone is good at their job. Just working with belial can bring change into your life even if the focus of the working is not yourself. Seems to be a side effect of his presence and energy.

Fear in the case of ritual ideas that have alot of potenial for growth or power from what i am learning is the reaction of the mental patterns within the mind that have been trained to see power as something generally to be shunned.

This idea can be found most obviously in the monotheistic religious texts but it is also found in alot of books, movies, shows ect. The general theme being that humans in general are incapable of handling real power of any kind without going all “EVILLLLLL”.

When in reality power is the quickest way to finding out someone’s true character. Everyone wears various masks or personas around people that include and exclude various behavior for friends, family, lovers, enemies, strangers ect

Best i can describe it as i understand it is real spiritual power burns away at these masks to one degree or another. Stripping away illusions both those we allow ourselves to see in other and those we allow to form towards ourselves slowly showing the true essences of self.

As this happens the identity that forms the person, habits, mental patterns, beliefs, assumptions of how things are become shattered along this the identity. It is the death of the old self to make way for the newer more powerful self.

This is a part of why regular meditation is so important. It helps keep the mind intact while the intellect is grasping at straws to figure out why the world seems to be crumbling while the ego/ identify is transformed. Not many books go over this aspect of it from what i have seen. Some say it is important but don’t necessarily go over the various reasons why in the long term.


Thank you so much for your answer. I know I am being called to evoke Belial and I will. I plan to next week when I am over this Flu virus as I still feel so weak.
I experienced the shattering of the false self and the destruction when I first started working with Lucifer. Painful but most necessary and I have grown so much from it and really opened my eyes.

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Don’t you think you may cause something negative with your feelings (of anxiety) you been having for King Belial?
Several times I bumped on your posts saying the same-not feeling right about King Belial.
Destroy your fear and illusions because there is nothing to fear :fist:


Ehh i wouldn’t worry to much about this. Emotions can act as fuel for actions both physical and spiritual. It is generally the actions that plant the seeds of manifestion and tend to their growth.

Belial is Great.
Approach with a clean heart/intent and respect, and you will be more than good.

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Just some give things in my mind popped up and other users have already stated them but my person experience wise… Beliel is the MVP… Manifests results easily… He is straight and spot on, I have always trusted him he always knows what the fuck he is doing…remember though that he is the type of dude to let you fall once so that you learn not to fall that same way again lol (not the best with examples) but yeah hope it goes well (if not happened already) I’m working with him with family problems it’s going pretty well to be very honest
Hail Belial❤️

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Leviathan guided me through “blessing myself - with myself.”
So by all means, i wouldn’t suggest him for destroying someones ego.
He’s the guy i’d conjure up if someone attempted to destroy me to recover!

But then, i’ve worked with marbas to heal,
so the double coin effect may undermine your point.

Lucifer is the Angel of Pride.
He’s like pure ego in and of itself.
For the Infernal Ritual of the Lake of Fire,
that sounds like a good call,
except you have to refine it from a self-initiation ritual into a baneful curse.
I think by transforming the ritual into a curse it should shorten,
become simpler to use and maybe layer through the different defenses normal peole have.
(regular faith and anchestor protection. The Banishing of Arch-Angels takes care of faith, and the anchestor protection can most probably be taken out either by An-Harathu, or the Arch-Demons)



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I had in mind that some people have a false/wrong image of someone and in spiritual world there are certain rules too :wink:
He is the King (title with so much power and wisdom behind it) and our wrong mental energy might send mixed feelings during the contact.
It is easy for spirits to read our minds and inrentions and wrong mental image about King Belial could create a mental conflict which could be avoided from the start.