The beginning

One of the things I’ve been steadily working on is remembering when and how Lucifer and I came to be. I get pieces of things, but last night I slipped into the astral like I do before bed and SAW it. I remembered :grinning:.

I was in a palace or temple. There was a king or ruler, although I couldn’t see his face. He had on armour. I wasn’t a servant but I rushed to him - there was a fight- to try and console him. I saw myself fly clear across the room and blood spattered the walls. He was angry, though not with me, but I suffered it. I was wearing a white dress, the entire front was stained red. I don’t know what he did, struck me maybe, but there was a lot of blood.

I lay behind a bush or dead tree and couldn’t breathe well. There was a shadow and I got afraid again. Looking at me was Lucifer, he held his hand out. I couldn’t take it, I couldn’t breathe. He looked like he was in a tussle but not wounded. He lifted me and sank his teeth into my chest, my breath stopped. I died.

We were in his temple, the place I visit often. Bluish black marble everything, fires on the wall and in the center of the room. He layed me on the marble table I’ve been on before. When I opened my eyes, my dress was changed and he was standing over me. He took my hand and led me to his throne where we sat hand in hand.

Renich tasa uberaca biasa icar Lucifer

Hail my King!


Wow … Interesting experience :slight_smile:


He told me he would help me remember - he did. :slight_smile:


Here’s a picture of the first dress I wore versus what Lucifer put on me. These are as similar as I could find.

First one

His dress


Interesting… what time period did this seem to be in? And what does Lucifer usually look like to you?

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I got an Egyptian vibe from it but it was before that. I could tell because the place I was in wasn’t very advanced and rather ragged. But it was an important place, for the time it was. I wore no jewelry, there was no decor, it was rather plain. The king, or person who hurt me, I could see he was wearing a type of armour on his body but not fully clothed.

Lucifer had sandals on his feet. Usually he appears as an angel to me, and he did this time but he was more human if that makes sense. He fought something prior to finding me, and usually he is immaculate, whereas he was dirty and had somethings blood on him. His hair was also a bit darker than his usual honey blonde.


So by angel you mean wearing a robe and with the traditional two wings? Overall a very cool experience!

I haven’t worked with Lucifer yet but am leaning more and more towards him for my next evocation. Am pretty much just trying to soak up as much information about him as possible before I do. :grin:

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Yes he has wings and he is covered below . He doesn’t wear a robe though when I see him. Sometimes the tips of his wings shimmer silver or light blue. He radiates comfort.

He is absolutely breathtaking.

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