The Beginning

I would like to tell the story that has brought me here and maybe receive some input from you guys.

So about a month ago I had a dream for the first time in many years. (Well one that I can remember anyways) I was sitting at a coffee shop on the Mall in Washington D.C. having a conversation with a man that I have never met. I don’t know what we were talking about but we must have been there awhile as there were 5 empty coffee cups on our table and we both had a full cup in our hands. Like I said I don’t know what the conversation was about but the man I was talking to was about 6 ft tall around 200 lbs, with copper skin, blond hair, he had the most brilliant blue eyes I’ve ever seen (they seemed to glow even in the bright morning sun), he was wearing a black polo shirt with the logo in red over the left breast, black jeans, and all white k-Swiss shoes. The dream ended with a brilliant white flash which woke me up instantly!

I felt more refreshed and invigorated than I can ever remember! After leaping out of bed I was compelled to search out magick…

Since having this dream I have only tried some meditations mostly stuff to clear my mind in order to focus my research, the thing that seems to work best for me is to lay down on my bed and visualize that I am a tree and I’m growing my roots. While doing this I’m breathing deeply and I count from 1 to 100 then back down from 100 to 1. I have had different results from this like nothing at all, the feeling of energy bouncing all around my body, or falling into a deep dreamless sleep. I guess I need more work to be able to control the outcomes!



The obvious question is, was the guy Donald Trump? I mean in some archetypal way if not the actual man himself.

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Before sleeping, relive your earlier dream with as much yearning as possible to muster. Let the memory of the dream sink into the top of your subconscious. Sleep.


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LMAO it definitely wasn’t The Donald! If it had been I probably would have jumped off my ship instead of being here! I remember him being young and more middle eastern or maybe Italian… the blond hair confuses me…

I’ll try Uncle Al’s suggestions and maybe I can get a voice to go with the description.

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Thoughts of the Day, Friday 14 July 2017:

I am tired of being a slave.

I am tired of setting my goals aside so that I can help other people.

It’s time for me to be the master of my own life!

PS. Al I tried what you said and no luck, I will keep trying though! I’m not sure but I think I need to do some meditation and chakra work to get the juices flowing, my whole being feels out of alignment!


Lord Shaitan? That’s what comes to mind when you say Middle Eastern.

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