The Battle is an old one

Rex Mundi

The Battle is an old one, no doubt with many mysteries. It concerns Freedom, Independence and Sovereignty as against despicable, arrogant tyranny. Ours are often thankless struggles against servility and the psychological impotence of those who prescribe suppression and restriction in the face of life, love and liberty! Of those who adhere to authority as truth. If we look outside of times and places and motives we have some distorted myths which posit issues on a supernatural and superhuman scale. There is evidence that history is not as we have been taught.

What do these mythological themes and hidden by-ways tell us about the inexplicable Intelligence symbolised? Despite the names used to summon or damn, this sinister hypostasis remains ultimately unnameable – eluding all attempts to categorise or constrain. Even ardent enemies give the respect owed to dignity, gallantry and intellect: Rex Mundi!

These enduring and endemic leitmotifs occur and re-occur, for Lucifer has always been a Patron of the Arts. Moreover, Satanism as a spirituality, philosophy, culture and Magick is not the product of psychopaths – unless we accept the existence of an unbroken line of delinquents extending over untold centuries purveying useless techniques to the gullibly deluded.

Ours must remain the pursuit of self-understanding, self-fulfilment and self-divinity! We defy in seeking to know! In going beyond ourselves our views extend beyond time and space. We refuse triumph at the cost of dishonour; victory at the expense of justice - while valuing Freedom and the pursuit of Truth above All. For Truth is Our Authority.

We believe in Lucifer, as Light-bringer, Instructor of illumination and growth. And in the Self, His greatest canvas, which bears His potential. Which was gifted with the possibility of glorification, raised to deny such, discovered It’s true nature and quested to follow Lucifer. Ignorance is our Hell, and Lucifer will draw the Self from it.

I believe in Myself, in Myself alone, the worthiness of fellows, the sanctity of the Will and in Lucifer everlasting.

It is Lucifer we strive to emulate and Satan who makes reality our inspiration: For ours is the path of action.

Old Uncle Al.



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