The Barons

So I have a question. You see since I first heard of what voodoo was, I was would find myself drawn to The Barons. Like to break it down, when I began my research, I would find many articles sorta of say the same thing but no the less interesting, but even then my interest in the articles would sky rocket when ever one of the Barons came up in the article. Now this could be nothing but idk ever since I first heard Baron Samedi I was totality captivated by him. I guess my question is, could it be something or am I just making mountain out of mole heels? like I’ve read articles where people discuss feeling drawn to a certain spirit but Idk.


You are difenetely experiencing it. And here is a little extra info: Barons govern different aspects of death. So basicly Baron Samedi governs different aspect of death than Baron kriminiel.

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Experiencingng what if i may ask

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Being called by the loas to work with them

Ah okay. How do i answer? Wouldn’t want to keep them waiting

Going to a cross road and calling upon the Loa that is calling for you. Though you would have to call upon Baron Samedi through Papa legba. Remember to bring offering for both and some candles. Or you could just use a shortcut and draw a symbol of a crosroad into your altar if that is not possible, and start from there.

Okay and thanks

You are welcome.

It’s something work your ancestors too just a warning with vodou the dead might come to you like me and this morning

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