The BALG Economic Stimulus Plan

First off I want to say that I don’t speak for EA Koetting it’s affiliates or anybody else for that matter. Just thought this was a catchy title but I should put this first to keep myself from getting sued or worse. lol

Anyway I’ve been having some pretty interesting experiments with money magick over the past couple of weeks especially with the magick square GOZER informed us about in another thread in the money magick section of this site.

It occurred to me that magick itsself doesn’t give a damn about the stock market or if your country is in a recession. You’re not gonna call up a demon or any other spirit to bring you some cash and have them say “times are tough all around sorry about your bad luck”.

So what I’m thinking is to start doing money magick starting on a local scale and hoping to move it to a global scale. Starting with myself I have got several things in the works and am currently in the process of making magick squares for my friends and family to start off with.

Also since I am a big fan of small businesses in my area I plan on “hiding” magick squares in some of my favorite little hangouts to get them more successful.

Nobody should be a slave to money especially not someone with magick on their side. So I’m calling on you guys to see if we can really turn an entire global economy around and possibly end poverty on this planet.

Who’s with me?


I’m with ya - this is fabulous! As a matter of fact, I’ve recently begun to work with the same square. And I agree wth you on all points: WE, of all people, ought not allow ourselves to lack sufficient funds to live well. Our funds (or lack of them) are under our control to the degree we take charge of our power and use it.

I also love the idea of hiding squares in local small businesses - people who have a dream of self-reliance and are working toward it! This is like my little game of hiding the blessed dollars times a thousand! I’m gonna start doing this right away!

Brilliant! :wink: Z

You could also do the opposite of this to big businesses.

Believe me when I say that there are times when I want to do the opposite to big businesses but ultimately that will simply hurt peoples jobs and keep the economy fucked up. I choose to leave big business alone and focus more on the parts of the economy that need the support.

I’m really not into the whole benevolent aspect of magic. Fucking Shit up is my forte.

We are beings of both creation and destruction and yes some of us lean more one way than another. I remember a time when I would’ve said the exact same thing necromaster. I see what I’m doing as an exercise in my creative faculties. True power lies in weilding both effectively.


But watch out, I’m fairly certain in that almost if not all of these big businesses have sorcerors on their side. I think that’s the real reason goldman and Sachs short their stocks before there some big disaster like 911 or the oil rig explosion, I’m not saying they have an active hand in either though its certainly possible, but at the very least I think they saw both of those coming and profited because of it.

Now I’m all for shooting out the mans kneecaps so he can’t walk all over everyone, but one needs to pick and choose their battles wisely. I wouldnt try to take them on until I have mastery as I think these guys probably have some bad motherfuckers on their side.

I still fail to see any benefit to the economy by attacking big businesses though. To what end would such an endeavor be aimed except to destroy something just because it’s bigger than everybody else? I’m not opposed to causing destruction but I still have to be sold as to how it is beneficial to my overall goal.

Simply for the enjoyment of it.

Well my reasons are a bit different. The thing is the people that run big businesses like goldman and sachs are worse then the worst of societies criminals imo, but they lord it over everyone like kings. I wouldnt have a problem if they were just bigger then everyone but if they use that size to roll over everyone. Well, I think it might be time to cut someone down to size. Not to mention they do stuff like halt progress if it gets in the way of their profits. That’s the reason why we havent seen stuff like cancer cures or better energy sources come ontot he scene.

Sure destroying them may hurt the economy, but would it really be better with them left to their devices, to just continue to shit all over everyone until their the only ones who get to sit on the royal toilet above the cesspool? Because thats where the worlds headed right now. As I mentioned before I think it’s part of my dharmic path to do battle against them and others like them after gaining mastery. Sure in the grand scheme of things morals don’t really matter not even the morality of their sort of actions. It’s more fullfilling my role thats been handed to me. Theyre gods of opression and I’m one of freedom, so it’s only natural we would be enemies.

I dont see the usefulness of this on a global scale… Local City State Country yes Global … no just my .02


But watch out, I’m fairly certain in that almost if not all of these big businesses have sorcerors on their side.[/quote]

I believe this as well; the Nazi’s are a fine example of this:

Yea we had pretty good ideas

The difference is the Nazis had a thriving economy.

Nope, the Nazi’s could rise because of the poverty and misery back then; Germany was in a state of, what they called, The Great Depression.
This was the opportunity Hitler needed to start building The Third Reich :wink:

If the u.s. goes into a depression I will try to start it again.

Do you shave your head and wear combat shoes? :-p

But I have to confess that I often catch myself thinking such thoughts as well. I’m not a rascist, mind you, and I never had any fascistic thoughts, but lately I despice and hate Islam with a fiery passion. And that is because I see what they do to our country and to almost every European country for that matter.
They are trying their best to Islamize every country. And worst of all, they are being supported in their endeavours by our despicable left wing politicians.
Only a couple of days ago, I said to my wife: "If Hiltler would have existed today, I would tell him to forget all about the Jews but to concentrate on the Muslims.
So when it comes to them, I’m all about ethnic cleansing. Hell, I would even apply for a job.

Sorry for the ones who are shocked by these words, but you just have to live between them to understand it.

I have long hair but yea I do dress like I’m in the army every day. Usually military pants and boots but I dont tuck the pant legs into the boots and a black Nazi tee shirt.

Well I also where the boots but that’s only because the law forces us to wear boots when riding a bike.