The Balancing of Paths

So most magicians seem to make out that there is the choice between either the right hand or left hand path. But recently I have heard about following both. Going to both the depths of hell and highest parts of heaven. And that it is necessary to follow both if you wish to ascend to levels even greater than just one path could give. How may this be possible? If your soul has spent a lot of time with the angels and has a very positive vibration, how could it also have a very negative vibration?


You are high😂 what do you mean spend time with angels and have a very positive vibration

The “true way” is all that matters. Angels are not a positive or high vibration lol. Do you think like they’re suspended in plasma and vibrate back and forth buzzing with positivity like bees😂bzzzz

Eh I think I am quite sober. From my understanding every soul has a polarity to it, either being positive or negative, right hand or left hand.

I appreciate this query. If I may provide insights from my subjective point of view. I personally consider myself ambidextrous as far as my spiritual practices go. You can ask this question to a million magicians and receive a million different answers. The thing about left hand path is the tendency to go against norms, however if you observe left hand practitioners they have a tendency to conform towards what ever teachings they follow which is very counterintuitive towards what defines the left hand path. My most simplistic answer would be to follow your heart, keep researching and educating yourself. I wish you many blessings along your path and may you find what you seek.


I appreciate your input. I should’ve figured the answer to the question would be very subjective, as most things occult are.

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:joy::joy::joy:come on bro stop that

don’t get trap into party distinction. they are just labels. YOU follow your own path. The path of YOU. do what’s right to serve you. This is new modern times. You do not have to learn with only one martial arts master. You can learn from many and integrate.

It’s like modern chef. they learn from many different cultures. No longer are the days that a certain cultural race is the best cook. They learn from each other nowadays. To say that one culture is better than another is very very narrow minded. It applies to many categories of life. Those that focus on one culture is very stuck in a bubble. There’s many ways to do things/learn/make changes, not just one stubborn way.

Life isnt’ black or white. so don’t treat it as such. Many see only black and white, that’s why their limited in their thinking to solve solutions. They are trap as they are in bubble. not only is there left or right, there’s up , down, sideways, diagonal , circles , squares etc… That gives you more perspective and expand one’s mind to not be restricted due to limited view.

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So to you angels have a very positive vibe and demons have a negative polarity? :joy:
I’m not trying to defend any being here just saying your perception on this is “shortsighted”
If you were talking of the differences in their energetic essences then yes their are a variety of races.

He is talking about vibration which is used to “feel” entities. Positive and negative doesn’t mean good or bad.


Well everything is vibrating… at different speeds

I personally probably dip in and out of RHP and LHP

We balance both hemispheres of the brain for meditation

Why not balance other things too? I don’t think it’s necessary but I’m sure it has its benefits


That’s still a load of crap.

Seek Ma’at.

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Me or the OP



Huh? I don’t understand

You can follow both if they speak to you, however, Infernal doesn’t mean negative just like Heavenly doesn’t mean positive imo, every Being has the capability to be positive or negative in my personal opinion, there are even Infernals who get along with Heavenly Beings,

From my personal experience that I can try to remember, Lucifer and Archangel Michael get along, and if it calls for it, Infernals and Heavenly Beings will try to get along for the sake of the magician if it is necessary I think


Did you mean he one who posted this or myself. And why would you refer me to maat

It’s a dinglehopper moment for me.

Ma’at! The Goddess of balance.

There is good and bad in both Demons and Angels.

For example, Saint Michael brings me bad vibes while Ariel does not.

Beliel brings positive changes, while at the moment, Asmodai brings changes. That feel negative.

My original message was not meant anyone. I wrote what I was saying to a friend.

Just realized the bye. :rofl:

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