The Back Side Ov The Tree

For your perusement and enjoyment, usement and abusement, I present:

Ye Olde Back Side Ov The Killofthic Kingdom Ov Shells & Their Afro-Atlantean Space Rulers: Given to me by a friend of mine. See what you think. Comments, corrections, ridicule NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR INJURY LOSS OF PROPERTY OR PERSONAL MADNESS

Nahemoth: Baron Samedi (Kriminel, LaCroix, Cemeterie, Nibbo/Ghede etc)

Gamaliel: La Sirene Dantor

Samael: Ogun Chango

Harab Serapel : Erzulie Dantor

Thagirion: Met Kalfu

Golachab: Agau

Gamchicoth: Bade

Sathariel: Ayizun

Chaigidel : Loko

Thaumiel: Damballah Nan Flambeau

I’m gonna abuse for a quick comment:

Why would you try and fit a completely different system into the Qabalah? You don’t take Jewish Mysticism and throw Voudon beings into it, it doesn’t make any sense. At all.

The Voudon beings just ARE. They can’t be confined to singular “spheres” on the “Tree of Life”.


Well, it’s one of the greater secrets of Vodoun, to the point where E.A. talks about this, but states he was forbidden despite making numerous please to Baron De Prince that the cults of the Spider and the Green Butterfly actually let him print this material. (The associations of Vodoun Spirits on the Tree of Life/Tree of Death, and the placement of the spheres in relation to parts of the body).

Also, before you go on talking about mixing systems, I’d like you to know that any system you see out there is probably already mixed and not in it’s primary form. Vodoun in itself is a mixture of catholicism, various tribal forms of African Magick, and French Occultism. Each time the system was blended properly, the magick became much more powerful. However, this was done by many skilled magicians.

If you’d studied Babylonian sorcery, you might understand that the Qabalah is not strictly in it’s original form, and that it has been perverted and somewhat altered by the Judeo/Christian world view, and the spirits they assign these points have very Hebrew sounding names. So your statement about it being Jewish Mysticism is not 100% accurate. The Jews lived in Babylon, and just like most culture and religion they have, they took this system of mysticism from the host society they lived in, altered it and called it theirs. Sometimes they were a little more obvious and didn’t alter it much at all before calling it theirs.

The point E.A. was trying to make in his book is that the macrocosm/microcosm relationship of this Quabalah system equates not just to our solar system, but it’s real prize in understanding is these spheres exist on the front and backside of the body and their respective locations on the body. This knowledge is really only useful once you know the association with the correct spirits in the context of Vodoun, and use it to channel them through these spheres. I’m sure it may have other uses, but I am no expert like E.A.

He might have to tell you more about what kind of things “could be done” with this. Despite being unable to publish prior data on the spirits, I think he might have some input in this department.

Best of Luck,
-Frater Apotheosis

Isn’t the tree used in Bertiauxs gnostic voudon? Anyhow, just FYI, this seems to be one of the central themes of this book, and in one of the preview pictures there is a tree of life with different attributions for the Loa.

Okay, since nobody here seems to have the depth of any practical experience with these systems I will be the first to say that Vodou, nor Ocha, nor Makaya have anything to do with theqabalah or qlippoth. The reality is that what E A and Bertiauxe have is a western invention of dealing with vodoun powers, because actual Haitisn Vodou cannot be learned from a book. Period. It requires empowering through initiation, and the LHP of vodou would be called Makaya, not Vodou. If the darkest rituals were ever recorded on paper, they would detail the Djab, Loup Garou, Zombification, Astral Zombis, etc. Im not saying this to knock E A because I love his work and hes been monumental in my learning process, but Ive had ranking initiate of the Sanpwell Society tell me TS&GB wasnt even authentic mainstream vodou. So im not saying its wrong to mix these systems, just clarifying that.

It actually has everything to do with the Klifot at least in a round about way, depending on how ones perspective is angled in viewing such energies. I’m pretty certain it’s all very individual and dealing with various elemental primal forces can be an approach of High or low Magick. Rigidly looking at kabalas connection though is not ideal. And I doubt anyone can learn the Klifot, Haitian Vodoun, or anything that is really based on personal experience through a book, since its a energetic interaction on a very personal level, mainly sub conscious.

I think is a perfectly acceptable theory and makes a lot of sense to me.

“…I will be the first to say that Vodou, nor Ocha, nor Makaya have anything to do with theqabalah or qlippoth.”

But… I said it first.

Why would a newbie be visited by the Ravens of Desolation? I have a enormous Crow that visits me now I have 2. This of course is after I have been working with Dantalion and was recently suggested I work with Baal.