The Babadook

I would like to know the occult truth within the movie. I have some suspicions about the underlying story, but there are sooooo many hidden gems that I want to hear others opinions. Please share.

It’s a thoughtform or egregore, like all fictional characters, it exists in the collective human astral and can be used as a symbolic way to access your own abilities.

There’s all sorts of psychoanalyzing around it as the boogeyman of a psychological horror film, but in the end, as an egregoric entity it will be what the practitioner chooses to make of it.

If, as this analysis expects, the creature represents depression, then it’s not uncommon for people to battle depression shamanistic ally by visualising it as an entity that is attached to you. I’ve done this and it was a very successful technique.

I think it’s worth being careful about not trying to be too literal and assign too much meaning to subconscious and symbolic representations. This confines them and limits their usefulness, and people start gatekeeping about it’s characteristics as if it was an objective thing, when it’s not.

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