The Azure Flame [Draconian Pathworking]

I’ve decided to “reboot” my Draconian Pathworking, starting from scratch as my time has been occupied primarily by my work with Belial I haven’t done anything independent of him, so I figured starting from ground zero and completely reintroducing myself to the current would be the best course of action.

A/N: I am using Asenath Mason’s Draconian Ritual Book, but some of the practices and techniques will be used and adapted to best fit my style of work, so rather than following a workbook, I’m creating a more unique style of working with the energies and spirits included within.

Tonight’s work was meant to begin with Lucifer solely as an initiator, but during my evocation and meditation on the draconian sigil, I made for the workings I now feel that I’ve contacted the current as a whole versus one entity.

I was pulled into a deep state of unconsciousness, and into a darkness where I could feel the force of several entities surrounding me, the energy was intense and hot, causing me to sweat physically as I sat there in darkness just waiting.

I then began falling, I could hear numerous overlapping voices speaking to me at once until I fell at the feet of something or someone, alone sat large bipedal draconian figure dressed in regal armor at a throne, his energy was like a massive pressure and as he spoke my entire form vibrated, my heart racing as I could only lie there looking up at him.

“You seek to rejoin us? You must commit, and embrace the pain of change and the anguish of evolution. We will tear you limb from limb every time until you emerge perfect…your path will be filled with ash and flame, and none but you can extinguish them and forge your path anew.”

I began falling again, this time into a horde of small creatures that bit and tore away at me, devouring all that remained until a blue orb rose from the remains, but even that was devoured by a larger drake. From inside of the beast I heard the voice again.

“Will you embrace us, or will you run again? Should you accept your path, know that pain, anger, sorrow, and unimaginable beauty await you, but should you run, never turn to us again…what will you choose?” - A bit harsh, but understandable. He didn’t seem very bullshit tolerant.

I chose to embrace them, and from the heat and thick substance of the drakes stomach, my hand rose, before my own draconian form erupted from and consumed the beast.

“Very good. Call upon me for five days, and we shall see how strong your resolve truly is.”

I came too with tears in my eyes and sweating intensely. It was hard to breathe for a while, but once I gathered my thoughts I trusted that I made the right decision.

Looking back, I could feel their anger. It was like I’d betrayed them and had just waltzed back in like everything was fine, and so I was punished or at least put back into the place of a child in their eyes. The entity that spoke wasn’t Lucifer I could tell that much. The back of my mind screams ‘Typhon’ but I don’t know if I can put much stock into that, whoever it was he was pissed but willing to teach me all the same.

This was the most intense experience I’ve had in a long while, so to me, it shows that I’m back on the right path.

During this evocation, I used the Triangle of Manifestation I had Azazel help me make, along with a Crocodile skull fossil I bought - typically for fish tank decoration, but I figured a croc skull was the closest I’d get to draconian other than a snake and it all seemed to work really well, so I’m impressed. I’ll probably gather some more things over time, but for now, I feel it’ll do.

I think I’ll take a break for now - still pretty lightheaded, and I need a drink. I’m looking forward to seeing how this plays out, I know it won’t be easy but I’m all about a challenge, so let’s see how this goes.

Also: Don’t know what the obsession is with me being eaten or thrown into some pit of damnation, but I’d appreciate it if it didn’t happen every time I started a new project. Then again being devoured by something in the draconian workings is a common trope, so I shouldn’t be too surprised.

I’m thinking that “Call upon me for five days” May actually be the current itself? If that makes sense. To realign me with the energies within, maybe? I’m tempted to ask Azazel, but I’ve committed so I may just roll with the punches and see what comes of it.

That’s all I’ve got, 5 days of work and a duffle bag full of questions. I’ll probably start back with the basic energy techniques the book offers, but other than that, I’ll be playing it by ear.


Day 1

I anointed my sigil in blood to strengthen its power and link between myself and the current. Safe to say it worked, as I was meditating on it, the eye in the center began to flash and hover from the page, the energy almost calling to me.

I was drawn into a deep trance rather quickly, and in front of me, the outline of a doorway flashed through darkness. I drew closer until it vanished and I was left in darkness yet again, this time I called to Typhon, and soon after I was met with that same voice from yesterday.

Though this time he looked like King Ghidorah speaking from a wall of flames, so I could only make out the heads as they spoke.

T: “So you’ve decided to come, after all, this is good.”

M: “Who are you?”

T: “I am Typhon, father of the very beast and monsters you revere, son of Gaia, primordial essence of destruction and fire.”

M: “Why are you within the draconian current? You weren’t here originally.”

T: “Oh, but I was. You’ve refused to see me because you were taught the only entities you need acknowledge were Tiamat, Leviathan, and Ouroboros. All things come from me, just as they have from the black waters of Tiamat, I am the primordial father, just as she is the mother, the dark fires in which all monstrosities are forged and given life.”

M: “So what are you here to teach me?”

T: “I am not. I’m here simply to test your resolve, to guide you to a power you’ve long ignored. And I know you have such a desire…I can teach you, but you must be willing to suffer and endure in order to be reborn through my flames.”

M: “What makes you think I’d want something like that?”

T: “Oh, but you do.”

I was dropped into a large chiseled-out hole, it almost looked like a colosseum with various metal gates and a few rows of seats far above me. Creatures started emerging from small flames until they surrounded me. His voice echoed through the air.

M: “And what exactly are you expecting me to do here?”

T: “Fight…or be destroyed. And you will fight.” He pretty much demanded I do so.

M: “I’m not fighting for your entertainment like some pawn, and I don’t take orders from anyone.”

He seemed to enjoy that little comment,

T: “Oh but you will. I like that about you, I can see it in your eyes. A fire, a hunger, rage, pain, sorrow, hope, so many emotions you bear, brimming with so much potential. You’ve gotten much stronger and acquired a taste for adversity…you’re just looking for a reason to lash out, and I shall provide one for you and lead you into true power.”

My physical body began vibrating and I could feel the energy around me changing, heating up as I took on the dragon body. Though it felt more violent this time as I tried to fight back but was stuck in this state of being with him until the energy shifted completely. I couldn’t control myself for a while as my body began shifting in its seated position - so glad I do this on the floor and not a chair, and I began speaking as Typhon spoke, but I wasn’t giving answers it was almost like the draconian energy in me was speaking for itself, even addressing me as a separate entity rather than one and the same.

I won’t go into detail about what was said - it’s a fair bit personal, but apparently I’ve been on this path before and I’m guessing it either didn’t end well or I’ve got some unfinished business within the current itself. I guess in time I’ll figure that out.

I should note that when he said that, I could feel a force of some sort pushing into my forehead, fishing around until it pulled that energy forward, all I know is my head hurts and my body is on fire.

I was right. This is already proving to be far more intense than when I originally began.

I’m not sure what to make of him, or any of this honestly. It feels like I’m being tested so that much I believe, I know the current isn’t the fluffiest but I wasn’t expecting to be dropped right into the lap of one of the oldest and seemingly angriest entities they had to offer. This defiantly feels like the masculine side of the current.

Hopefully, I come out of this with some lessons learned. I was instructed to call upon him again tonight, so I’ll do just that and see where it takes me.

But yeah fun stuff, not at all terrifying and stress-inducing.


The second calling felt longer than it was.

Doing as instructed, I called for Typhon again, but I wasn’t met with the three-headed behemoth this time, only the essence and energy of him.

I was show visuals of green hills, following them until the scenery changed into a dark depth, with black, bubbling liquid beneath me. Naturally allowed myself to fall within it, it was thick like tar and hot unlike any other substance and had an unnatural hold on me, dragging me into its depths until my body burned and melted away, and I disappeared completely into the blackness.

The vision soon shifted to an old house, filled with people I didn’t recognize. There was happiness to it, completion.

“Reconcile with yourself. Fill the void and master this power, complete yourself.”

That’s all I was told before returning to myself, reality slowly setting in. He appeared this time in the guise of a serpent, coiling around my legs and midsection before nudging at my third eye, only to disappear once more.

There’s a slight pressure there now, there was also one earlier when I did the morning evocation. Not sure what he’s getting at, but I’m guessing I need to reconnect with a side of myself I’ve been repressing.

The only thing that stood out from this meditation was the home and family. It might be reflecting on my own home life and emotional relationships with my family - which aren’t the greatest or healthiest.

So maybe I owe myself an apology and a chance to release everything I’ve been holding back. Year’s worth of pain, anger, sorrow, loneliness. I deserve a healthy release, and maybe that’s what he’s pointing at. Allowing that inner child in me to finally just let it all go, without fear of being punished or looked down on.


We’ll see, either way, ill still go through with it. I do deserve a chance to relieve all that repressed emotion whether I like it or not, to put all that energy to rest so that I can start to truly grow unhindered.

We’ll see how that goes.

Time also seems to be jumping around? As in I’ll look at the clock and only about a minute has past but in the time it took me to type this post - and I type fairly fast, about 30-40 minutes had gone by? Maybe I’m just tired but I figured if point if out for future reference.


You gotta keep updating…

Day 2

I get the feeling Typhon prefers the morning rather than the night - when I would typically do my evocations. He’s also rather blunt about when he’d like to speak, I kept hearing this annoying tapping all morning from the corner of my room but couldn’t find the source so I sat down for my morning exercises but still it went on until I got that annoying feeling that someone was watching or better yet, glaring at me. Glancing at my sigil the eye in the center began flashing as if calling me, so I answered and began the evocation.

I was once again guided through darkness until I fell through into a throne room of sorts, there was a large symbol on the floor which I didn’t recognize but got Greek vibes from it, a circle of flames enclosed around me and a throne surrounded by circular steps and on it sat a figure dressed in red and black robes, deep red eyes fixed on me as I approached.

T: “Take a seat.”

M: “There are no other seats.”

He gestured to the steps beneath him, and I reluctantly obeyed, taking a seat beneath the left arm of his throne. A hand came up almost immediately and began resting on my head, I protested but the gesture continued and shamefully enough I enjoyed it.

T: “You’ve done well, applying what you’ve learned, asking the right questions and seeking your own answers.”

“I still have much to teach you before removing your binds, but in due time the current will be open fully to you.”

M: “Binds? You’re blocking me from the current?”

T: “No, protecting you from the dangers and horrors that await you. This path is one of pain and beauty, and before you can traverse this path and claim our power you must be ‘conditioned’ to our power before you may understand it.”

M: “Why limit my power though?”

T: “To prevent you from opening doors you cannot close, you must understand you are entering a new world, not just a flow of energy and guidance from the spirits assigned to it. This is the home of many old and ruthless powers, should you connect with the wrong forces the results will be catastrophic. Not all wish to see you rise.”

M: “I see, then what do I do until then?”

He paused for a moment before bringing forward a golden chalice filled with a deep blue, almost black liquid.

T: “Drink.”

M: “And this is?”

He chuckled.

T: “The very same energy you wish to harness, I will feed it to you in small doses until our time has ended and then you shall be able to travel freely within our world, it will awaken the drake within you and slowly weaken the shackles you hold her with.”

M: “Why didn’t you give me this the first time we met?”

T: “Do you often accept strange drinks from strangers?”

I ignored him and brought the chalice to my lips, the fluid was watery and ice cold. As I drank I could hear a low rumbling - almost growling coming from within me. My veins went black for a moment before returning to normal, I could feel the color in my eyes returning as they took on that piercing yellow.

“Go now, and dominate your world.”

I like him when he talks, but not when he’s in my ear and I can physically feel his energy lurking over my shoulder.

Regardless, I suppose I’ve learned a fair bit from him today and that he’s looking out for me? Not quite sure how I feel about that, but it’s appreciated. I should note that after drinking what lever he gave me, since again there’s pressure on my forehead and now at the top of my head.

He did confirm that I was right about my reconciliation with myself, maybe a bit of shadow work is needed? I’ll ask and see if he can help with that.

Lots of learning today, my visions are becoming more vivid and I’m starting to physically feel the sensations within them so A+ for growth. That tapping has also stopped so I guess that solves that mystery, I never had an entity be so forward with wanting to communicate, I like it.

I guess I’ll think about what I’ve learned today and see where it takes me, time to start unearthing trauma yaaay.

And I guess that’s all I’ve got for now.

Edit: I’ve also employed the use of Amethyst with my triangle of manifestation and the results do seem to have increased in potency - just thought is share for anyone interested in utilizing crystals in their work.

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Unsure if this is related, but ever since I started back on the path I’ve been having a vision of this woman consistently and at random points in my day.

For a few minutes, I’m on a rocky beach it’s like early morning and this woman is standing at the edge of the water, she’s wearing a black dress and has long dark hair, her gaze is fixed on me but eventually turns back to the sea.

She’s calling me, but I never approach and so the vision ends.

Not sure what to make of it, maybe it’s nothing but if it’s happening consistently maybe there’s some sort of significance, we’ll see.

Day 3

A bit of an earlier start than usual, but I think that made it much easier to connect with Typhon. Early mornings aren’t at all my thing, but I’m slowly getting used to it, which seems like a strong habit to develop. It did take a bit longer to connect than usual, but the connection itself was very strong and very physical, so I’ll take it.

I was as usual taken through the dark corridor, which is now becoming slowly illuminated? I passed through a gate of sorts with writing I couldn’t quite make out, but was immediately placed on a cliffside overlooking an ocean and a rough mountain terrain. There was a cave opening near to the edge of the water and so I took to my dragon body, diving down and at the entrance, my movements were almost instinctual as I filled the cave with a blue flame, torches lighting the way immediately.

After returning I started to walk through the cave, sticking to the wall. before slowly descending a stone staircase deep into the cave, until a red hue cast ahead of me as I entered a rather large room with stone seats carved into the foundation and large windows overlooking the waters. Typhon stood at the center in the form of a large snake, black with deep red eyes and rough scales running down his back. He wasted no time leading me through doors behind him.

“Come,” Were the only words exchanged between us as he led me up yet another staircase, this was more naturally lit due to open window carvings. We were silent the entire way, and as we reached the last step we found ourselves in a small tower, open on all sides with a small altar in the center, holding yet another golden chalice, this one adorned with sapphires and strange engravings in the sides.

M: “Where are we?”

T: “Don’t you know why I brought you here?”

M: “To ask cryptid questions? I just followed the call.”

T: “The power within you stirs, but it still weakened, you hide from her even though the two of you are one and the same, an essence divided, Imagine if you were to look in a mirror and see no reflection or walk with no shadow, to have only half your senses. That is how you are going through life at the moment, incomplete.”

M: “Becoming that means losing all that I am now.”

T: “And what if all that you are now is never hat you were, to begin with? A false identity, false emotions, all crafted to blind yourself from seeing what you truly were…hollow, and incomplete. Unification will bring change, I will not deny this, but it also brings strength and understanding. You are correct to fear her, as she should be feared, and an untamable whirlwind of power swells within you, a creature unparalleled and without equal, you should fear her, but you should also accept the reality that the very same beast you fear is one and the same with you and will always be with you no matter how far you run or how much you try to bury her, she will eventually find freedom be it through you, or with you.”

M: “You hate seeing power wasted I take it, otherwise you wouldn’t be trying this hard.”

T: “My efforts will only match yours, but yes, it would be shameful to not see such a thing rise to power…which is why.”

He moved over to the chalice, grabbing hold of it with his tail and guiding it towards his lips.

T: “I’ll give you a gift, only this once.”

His fangs extended before latching onto the sides of the cup, slowly dripping a light green fluid into the dark water, causing it to bubble violently before offering it to me.

M: “And that was?”

He laughed. “My power,”

M: And why would you offer something like that to me?"

T: “Consider it an investment, also I’m beginning to enjoy you. I’ll have more work to be done in the near future and I think you’ll do just fine in aiding me on the matter.”

M: “That doesn’t sound ominous at all.”

I was hesitant for a moment but I began to drink. It burned going down and made my body ache and vibrate violently. I fell to the floor convulsing as my eyes flashed from yellow to red, before e going pitch black as I turned over and began vomiting out this black mass.

“Push it all out, leave nothing behind.” He advised to which I obeyed, allowing my body to pour out this fluid onto the floor before gasping sharply, the mass burned away into nothing and I rose to face him, now a serpent myself.

M: “What was that?”

T: “When Azazel and Michael originally removed your parasite, they ignored the energy attachments it developed inside of you, hoping you’d be wise enough to cleanse your body on your own, and for a while you were…but you lost faith, with it now gone you are free to learn and grow as you please, just remember to cleanse yourself and your space, power attracts pest such as those.”

M: “Who are you?”

T: “I am Typhon, Father of all monstrosities and the primordial force of fire and destruction.”

M: “What can you teach me?”

T: "I can show you how to destroy your enemies, to raise the power within yourself to heights unfathomable, I can change your perception of the universe and all it has to offer and how it views you, I can make you a beast amongst men and a king amongst beasts. I can teach you how to master the venom of a chimera, steal the immortality of a phoenix, and to breathe the flames of a true drake…all who are willing to suffer and burn for power may approach my throne.

M: “What will it cost?”

T: “Your everything, commit to me. Bring me blood, wine, and your willing vessel and I will raise you from the flesh of man.”

M: “Where am I going after you?”

T: “Look to the abyss, Leviathan calls.”

M: “What about Lucifer and the other entities?”

T: “That book of yours is but a guide, not law. This path is instinctual and forged by the one walking not those who have walked before them.”

M: “I understand.”

T: “Then go now, and dominate your world.”


My head is still fuzzy and that pressure on my forehead is still there but growing lighter as time goes on.

Honestly, I’m not sure what to make of all this. He’s once again hit home on a few topics and given me so much to think about. His lessons seem more about coming into power rather than running from it like he’s pushing me to be stronger and release my fear of change. So far a great teacher if you’re willing to learn and accept very harsh criticism, I like him t least and apparently, the feeling is somewhat mutual?

Lots of self-reflection ft. Typhon today, so that was fun. He put a lot into perspective for me, so I think I’ll take a few days to meditate on what he’s said and see if I can find some sort of solution.

He’s said a lot more that I won’t include for two reasons

  • It’s personal and I don’t want to share it openly until I’ve sorted them out myself.

  • It’s something I’d like to research myself before sharing it with everyone else o test its legitimacy.

Two days remain, but I doubt this will be the last I see of him, ad given that he’s already recruited me for work later down the line I’m certain he’ll come around again.

For now, I’m gonna go make a pot of coffee and drown myself in it.

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Day four

s work began a bit later due to me having many obligations and things to take care of early this morning. - I also overslept, so I’m mainly at fault for missing this morning’s evocation. Though as long as I got it done I’m satisfied with myself.

Today my mood was a bit more aggressive than usual. I found myself telling people off or growing easily annoyed with the lack of critical or even basic thinking skills around me. It felt different from Belial’s aggression, this one was more temperamental and just all-around displeased with how pathetic everyone around me was performing, like my expectations just skyrocketed all of a sudden.

Typically I try to be rather laid back and in control of my emotions, but today I was feeling way more and processing thoughts into emotions far faster than I’d like, all is well now, but I just figured I’d note that here in case it was in relation with Typhon’s energy - which is firey and very much aggressive.

I once again traveled through the dark corridor, though when I emerged from the other side I was in a serpentine form yet again. Crawling towards a small pool of water I began to drink until I felt a calling through it, so I dived and began almost gliding through the airy fluid - it held no true density, unlike natural water.

Emerging from the other side, I found myself in front of another cave. This one was completely dark, and without a torch in sight, the only right source was the obvious fire coming from deep within the pit, so I once again found myself going down a carved staircase, slowly descending into further darkness and as I moved I could feel that I was no longer alone, eyes on me from every angle and various hidden entities lurking off in the darkness.

Thankfully I’d reached the bottom before any of them got too close. I passed under another opening before coming into a rather open space with Typhom standing at its center, this time i the form of a woman with deep red hair and large spiraling horns, though his eyes gave him away.

T: "You’ve finally decided to come, good, then we may begin. "

M: “Begin what?”

T: “Your annihilation.”

Without another word, he reached out and held me over the floor, which began crumbling away until a burning pit of flames roared beneath me. Dread washed over me as I sat there helpless, squirming in his grip before being dropped into the flames below.

My body began writing in pain as I tried to pull myself to the surface but some unknown force held me down. I cried out in agony as my body began burning away, and through the flames, I could see Typhon watching me from above.

T: “Do not fight, let them overtake you. Burn them all away, your insecurity, your weakness, your fear. Part with them now.”

After more struggling I finally decided to obey, allowing my body to fall deeper and deeper until I was no longer alone, I could hear screams and wails from all around me as forms rushing up to or by me in agony, they all continued to resist. I allowed my eyes to shut, the flames quickly overtaking me and burning deeper into my body until they’d completely sunken inside of me, the burning stopped and was replaced with a powerful warmth as I was permitted to rise from the pit, now coming to stand before Typhon once more, strange symbols have burned themselves into my skin before sinking deep within me, my eyes red like his for a moment before returning to their natural state.

M: “What was that?”

T: “Some call it 'damnation I call it annihilation, breaking down the weakness until only power remains in its place, many seek this power, but few are willing to suffer and claim it. You have only been given a taste, but there will come a time when it is time for you to face true annihilation and from it, you will rise. You’ll find that many of the others share a technique similar to this, but it is up to you whether you seek it or not.”

M: “And the other bodies within?”

T: “Many have come before you, and many have failed or currently are failing. The secret behind annihilation is not to fight back against it, but to let it overtake you, rid yourself of petty attachments and fears and allow a new being to be born in its place, though many are afraid of what letting go may bring…I’m curious to see what becomes of you the next time you face this process.”

He smiled before offering out another golden chalice, this one burned and heavily worn from time, all the same, I drank and this time it was cool and like actual water, revitalizing my form.

T: “Our time is coming to an end soon, I’ve given you all the tools you need to succeed on this path, it’s up to you whether you use them or not.”

M: “I understand, and I still have much to work on, but I have a better understanding of which direction to move, so I thank you.”

T: “You can thank me by rising to power, and completing annihilation. Until then go forth and dominate your world.”

He sent me away rather abruptly, but regardless I’ve gotten some good information from the experience and I have quite a bit to work on, so I may take some time to accomplish these things before facing Leviathan.

I’ve definitely grown a bit in the last few days, Typhon is no joke when it comes to tapping into innate power. So I owe him a huge thanks for guiding me as he did, the intensity is new, but I’ve grown accustomed to it.

He’s also pointed out every weak point that I have - some I didn’t even know were relevant, and he also offered methods to overcome them. A true teacher, and one defiantly worth looking into if you’re serious about changing – certainly not for the faint of heart, he’ll eat you alive if you let him.

This “Annihilation” sounds like something worth studying and asking him more about, it does remind me of Azazel’s lake of fire treatment, but I can’t really say that without knowing all the specifics, as I’m sure he’s withheld some information.

One day remains with Typhon, then I’ll start focusing on these weak points he’s shown me and after I’ve taken care of that I’m onto Leviathan. I may use this time to call Lucifer and ask for assistance in the process, but we’ll see. Maybe it’s something I should look into on my own.


Day Five - Final evocation of Typhon.

Another late start, the craziest thing is I was awake early this morning but ended up rolling back over, I feel bad for missing the mornings, he doesn’t seem to mind evenings, but mornings are heavily preferred.

I also didn’t want to end our work just yet, I actually enjoyed learning from him and experiencing his energy firsthand. Typhon is powerful, wise, and in a way reminds me of Belial but more ‘primitive’ in a way? He’s instinctual and seems to teach in erratic methods that he believes work best, with no care for your comfort or lack of preparation.

I’m looking forward to what he has in store in the future, but for now, I’ll continue pushing onwards.

I was taken through the dark corridor as usual, though this time I emerged at the foot of a very active volcano. I could feel it rumbling beneath my feet as I approached, intense heat as lava flowed. I noticed immediately that I wasn’t alone, a multitude of strange creatures was moving all around me, running up to the mouth of the volcano and throwing themselves inside - a very welcoming sight.

I pressed onwards until I reached the top, the heat was almost unbearable but also held a unique comfort. The surface of the lava began bubbling before a large mass rose from it, a dragon forged seemingly from the volcano itself pushed its torso from the core and came to settle before me.

T: “You’ve done well, your dedication is pleasing.”

M: “This path could benefit me greatly, the least I can do is honor a commitment and show I’m willing and ready to learn.”

T: “Even so, you’ve impressed us greatly not many are willing to suffer and burn at my hand just to prove a point, I’d say you’ve passed this trial.”

M: “This was a test?”

T: “Yes and no. You’re aware that you will undergo many initiations, correct? Consider this one, a test of resolve if you will, to ee just how far you were willing to go to prove yourself, and you’ve made quite the impression. The current will welcome you with open arms.”

M: “I see, then can I expect the same from Leviathan?”

T: “Perhaps, I cannot speak for him. Expect nothing and embrace what comes, and now, for your last dosage.”

A chalice sat at my feet filled with the same black substance, and as usual, I drank. This time it burned intensely going down, warming my entire being.

T: “And I’ll impart one final gift upon you.”

A clawed hand reached out before resting over my being, black flames igniting and spreading down over me, though it didn’t burn. Instead, I could feel it flowing into me, filling those very same symbols that embedded themselves on me the other da, empowering them as they began pulsing and vibrating inside of me.

M: “That was?”

T: “In time, for now, consider it a gift and know that they will help you. When you use this power call from your core and enforce your will upon the world, see it decimating all in your path in order to cleanse or clear the path for your desires. Use it, and know that I am with you; of course, this will take practice and I will provide you with the workings to do so.”

M: “Thank you.”

T: “Then all is finished, now go forth and dominate the paths laid before you.”

He gave me a meditation to practice for empowering the flames and myself, and instruction on how to utilize them for ritual/spell work. I imagine they work really well with baneful works or even attraction magic, but for now, I’ll focus on strengthening them.

He also advised me not to rush myself, and that there will never be a 100% correct path to choose, but to walk and make it so. To trust my instincts and make my own decisions, so I won’t be rushing into Leviathan next as I really want to sort myself out, so that when we do meet I’m given new work and not the same issues I was already made aware of.

Work with Typhon has definitely made me stronger and at least somewhat changed me on a small scale.

I can sense energy much better than before - for example when I begin a ritual or evocation I can feel the air in the room change, when I cast my circle I can feel the energy radiating around me. So all good things, and steps in the right direction.

I wholeheartedly believe that once I settle these internal issues that I’ll only continue improving and so much more than I already have, and that excites me, so I’m looking forward to what’s in store for me on this path.

And once again a huge thanks to Typhon for taking me in for a short while and teaching me so much, the highest praises to him, and I look forward to working together again.

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Took some time to process everything I’d been given to work on, just to try and put some things into perspective before finally moving forward – Also working with Typhon was more tiring than I’d realized, mentally at least. Do those days were also for some much-needed rest, and planning for my next step.

I want to begin my shadow work, but I’d like some help before diving into that. My list of potential entities just keeps growing and I’m partially considering just going it alone and seeing what I make of things.

Outside of the usually scattered thoughts, today I practiced the meditation Typhon gave me and it was really relaxing to my surprise, it felt like I was burning off excess and any negative energy I picked up from the day, I also used it to do a banishing in my temple, I may include it in my LBRP at some point, but for now as meditation and energy exercise it works very well.

I did a bit of internal meditation and what I came across was rather lonely, sad, and angry energy. I was able to acknowledge those feelings, but processing and understanding them may take a while, so I might keep a personal journal for that.

I recently purchased “A Draconian Egyptian Grimoire” by Bill Duvendack. Hopefully, I can pull some new practices and resources from it to pair with some of Asenath’s work from the ritual book – Also grabbed her Necronomicon Gnosis for some on the side studying.

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Still doing internal work at the moment and practicing Typhon’s meditation.

Typhon’s flames seem almost semi-sentient in a way, or they respond to my internal commands at best. If I go to a setup with the intention of cleansing, they seem to lash out almost instinctively, hunting down any lingering or foreign energies in the area. I was right, using them for banishings is very effective and completely wipes the slate clean of any outside energies, if I were to pair that with the forum servitor Luna then I’d have a fairly powerful cleansing/banishing ritual, which is always good.

Lately, I’ve been dealing with repressed emotions, at the moment anger and displeasure have been surfacing. At first, I kinda hoped it would pass, but after a few days I realized I needed to allow these emotions to either flow creatively or verbally, and lately, I’ve been far more talkative and expressive with my emotions, allowing all of that to flow freely and speak without fear of consequence - dangerous I know, but a lot of people seem to either understand or appreciate it, so I guess it isn’t that bad.

I’ve been more critical of myself and my methods, beliefs, appearance, you name it, and I’ve criticized it.

I feel like I’m pushing myself to be better, finally understanding both Azazel and Belial’s teachings, and with Typhon’s workings I’m more willing to face such dark and aggressive sides of myself without fear. I know that in the end, this will bring me closer to being the person I want to be, so I endure.

I’ll begin work with Leviathan soon, possibly Saturday or whenever I feel his call the strongest.


Initial Evocation of Leviathan

After putting it off for long enough I finally decided to begin the next phase as instructed. A lot’s happened since Typhon, some good and some bad, certainly have more questions and bigger motivators to get back on track with life.

Either way, I put all of my worries and expectations aside and just did it, and Leviathan did not disappoint.

Much like with Typhon I began the evocation by stepping through the doorway of the current, though I didn’t go anywhere, I could still feel my body and sense the room around me, but I was just sitting in darkness, I could feel another presence in the room, much larger, colder, and powerful. The movements of his energy were cool and serpent-like, coiling and twisting in the air, but he never manifested.

“You’ve called me, without first settling the discourse of your own mind? How foolish, do you truly intend to learn from me with such an occupied mind?”

I didn’t respond because he was correct. I was still working on my shadow but decided to press on anyway - which I acknowledge was fairly reckless.

“Your intention here is to ascend, but how can one enhance a thing if he does not first know that thing? Without proper direction and study of what makes it unique and individual, one cannot seek to amplify or augment any such powers, you will only build further blockage and damage the vessel.”

He began coiling around me, I couldn’t see them but I could feel his eyes on me, watching and waiting for the slightest crack in my exterior, for what? I don’t know, but I just got the vibe of him sizing me up, lying in wait for a chance to strike but I still never felt any danger.

“I will help you, and unlike Typhon, do not expect me to hold your hand. I will drown you in the abyss, and strip the very weakness from your flesh, I will help you dissolve the shadow until you are both one and the same, I can do this…call me for fourteen days and I will fill your veins with the blacked waters and you shall be born again through the abyss.”

At this point, he was pretty much squeezing me, before finally dissolving completely into the air around me.

Basically he spent most of the time yelling at me.

I was actually rather silent through the entire thing, I said maybe a few things to argue against the many claims he’d made - points I had to cut out for personal reasons. Needless to say, this is probably the most emotion I’ve felt during an evocation as he said some things that truly hit home for me, and I get the feeling there’s a significant difference in the bullshit he’ll tolerate in comparison to Typhon because when he spoke I felt like a child being told off, whereas with Typhon it felt more student-teacher.

I feel like this work will be a bit more inner based, as he mentions working on uniting both body and spirit, the body I take to mean my emotions and physical worries/desires and spirits being my spiritual desires/fears and whatnot as the two tend to clash more often than I’d like.

I’ll continue doing Typhon’s meditation and more inner workings, with the other projects on the side, but other than that I’ve nothing to add or speak on.

Day 1 of 14 Begins tomorrow.

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