The audacity of these spirits are bewildering

I wanted to come on here and share my most recent experience with an entity. A couple days ago I was smoking a blunt. I put it down because I had to go get some thing. So then when I came back it was gone. And I could already tell that it was pretty busy and there were spirits roaming in my room so just to be extra sure that I didn’t misplace it, I searched my whole room Top to bottom And never found it. When I did my meditation session I asked my spirit guide if he could tell whoever took my Blunt to please give it back, a couple days go by and I find it on my counter.


from my experience it is either their humor that you are not getting or they wanted attention you didnt provide. Marbas sort of pinched my butthole so hard that my whole body reacted and jumped off my chair just to get some attention. Still love him