The astral matrix and world of illusion

Have any of you guys been to the astral plane and found that people who you know in real life either don’t exist or are actually a completely different entity/not even human on the astral. I remember a few months back I had an involuntary astral experience where I was thrown in to an astral dimension that looked like it was constant night time/pure darkness. In this dimension my mum was in my room but she was like a shadowy hag whispering in my ear, her voice was hoarse and almost monster like. My dad didn’t even exist. When I came out of the trance I found my mum standing at the door. She played it off as if she heard me in the night and so she came in. However I knew that was not the case… it seems as though people can appear to be human on this fake/ illusory reality however when you see the world as it truly is you find people are not what they purport to be. I have been reading about the threshold guardian and the heroes journey and it says that once a man reaches the threshold of his consciousness he will start see truths that he won’t necessarily like. Has anyone else experienced this phenomena? Is this basically what the occult is, seeing through the illusions of the world?

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