The Ascension Attitudes

This is from a book called “Door of Everything” by Ruby Nelson. You can find it online… she was just a normal housewife.

" Loving your neighbor as yourself has little to do with being eager to socialize much of the time, it has little to do with giving in to his dominance for the sake of human harmony, it has little to do with letting your time get wasted away while you indulge his idleness.

It has a lot to do with silently holding to your vision of the Christ in him without holding him responsible for acting in accordance with this high ideal. He may be filled with shortcomings, but you are to realize that some day they will all be healed when he decides to hunger for my light.

You are not likely to soar through the Door yourself if you have been weighted down with the belief that you must drag your neighbor along. Your responsibility to yourself and me is to keep your mind centered on the greatest good for all. Do not specialize among friends and relatives while so many of my children the world over are in direst need of prayer. Expand your vision to impersonal consciousness and include them all."

Here is the book: