The art of magic palindroms of Goetia (new approach, I guess)

Under the one of mantra videos on channel “Satania”, I met a guy who showed me a new different approach with Goetia spirits which I didn’t know. He berely spoke english, so we continued discussion in russian. I’m working on translating this document called “The art of Goetia’s magickal palindroms”.

Did someone know that approach?

I have never heard of this, sounds interesting! :smiley:

With apologies, I have removed the links, because they’re not in English and the forum asks for posts to be made in that, since it makes member-moderation easier to stay with one common language. But having to translate a link, then click through it to see what it’s all about, adds an extra step for members to verify what they’re clicking.

Therefore, it may be best for people interested to PM you with questions about this, and to share materials etc in PM. :+1:


Okay. I will.

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