The Art Of Baneful Magic {Enrollment For Year Two}


I’m interested if theres still room


and the time zone got me here late too! is it still open? :roll_eyes:


Still open for new students?


I’m interested!


Damn rite it is


@Micah, knowing I can’t astral travel by myself and am not in the mood to summon Lilith for help 15 times a month for the year I would like to know the schedule.


That is if it is still open.


yeah!! count me in. i am interested in some of the topics in the above list.

though i am fucking new…


I’m up for it. Already on discord, however I do practice voodoo. So the principle is good just don’t want to miss off any spirits


It is man
I will leave this up for one week

It is open until next week when we start


I will definitely be checking in and staying updated!


I understand @Voodooking
I mainly work with Kalfu, Zandor, and Tokoloshe among others


Frackin sweet. I’m working with Baron Samedi right now. He has my attention and I need to throw some curses or death energy at a few people


If anyone has truly felt deaths energy they would be terrified. Scared the crap out of me.


My face when I felt his presence:


We will work with death himself as well


What are the prerequisites?

I don’t know how to do jack-shit yet. My astral travels have all been spontaneous and I’m still working on evocations, charging and directing energy.


The prerequisites are willingness to put in work
Willingness to take shit seriously
And The Will To Power

I’ll add you to the list


May struggle with the Timezone thing but count me in for now.


How long will the lessons be? Its about 10pm my time which isn’t bad at all for me I would just like to know how long you’re planning on doing the lessons.