The Art Of Baneful Magic {Enrollment For Year Two}


Ehhh…I take it with a grain of salt, pepper, a dash of Paprika, and some Almond oil :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


Sounds yummy :smiley:




Ok, i want to join.


Thanks so much!! I’m so happy


This is sounding sexy, in that naughty powerful feeling sort of way




Beginner here. Can I join?


Quick Word:

I am a Teacher, but I am not a Savior.
I will never tell you that I know every God damn thing about the occult, black magic, or Baneful Magic.

BUT I am confident in what I do know ad what my experiences have showed me.

I am not breeding you or any of my students into some sort of cult or following. My goal and Job is to bring about Ascent and Power and God dammit I will do whatever it takes to do so without any kind of Interference.

This Ascent will be fast and rapid, but thorough. I expect respect as a Teacher (which means you doing the work), but DO NOT rely on me for Ascent or the drive to Ascend.

As long as you are a student t of mine I would do my best and my worst to protect all of you. But AS SOON as y’all graduate, y’all will be thrown into the real world and fully expected to kill.


If y’all have any Qs about me or my ability to teach, ask your spirits, ask some former students,ask my Godform Satan.

Do divination
I don’t give a fuck.

I’m an open book in both my shit and my glory :ok_hand:


Hi, I am a silent menber here, but I am interested on taking part of this course.
Let me know if you have room for 1 more.
I meditated about it and I am ready for some baneful magic training.


Will different time zones be an issue?


Lol they will be
I normally do the class at night 9 pm America time.

But I may have to do it in the day Depending on circumstances.

I will have an answer by tomorrow


America time lol

Eastern time zone? Where are you located?


Central Time zone
Great most holy state of Texas


Hello! I would like to join if you have a spot! CST is no problem for me too.


You on the list


Welcome to the forum, @EmmaDawn. Please take a moment to go to the New Magician and Introductions area and make a post to introduce yourself. Tell us a bit about you, what brings you to BALG, and what magical experience you may have. It is a rule here.


I would like to join and learn


Gotcha man