The Art Of Baneful Magic {Enrollment For Year Two}


Define gullible
I am a Teacher.
I will not teach you blood magic on the first lesson.

Even when I do, it will be measured and with Temple guardians in place to make sure you don’t go to shit and fuck yourself up.

After I see you understand it, then the training wheels come off


That is the point of me teaching it :joy:
It’s not just about Baneful Magic, but mastering the main essentials of it in general.

To know
To will
To dare
To keep silent


And if I already do bloodrites? Oh lets say that all of my previous ritual magicks are carefully thought out bloodrites, evere last one


Hell Yeah! I’m more and more sure by the second but will also meditate on it for sure.
Last question, and Im guessing this is a yes, but you will teach us to not fuck up our lives with this because I feel if you do it wrong its possible.


Then prepare to take it 50 steps further than what you do already

You’ll learn ways of epowering your blood.


For example :smirk:


The question is…
How deep do you want to go?


Infinitely deep, been doing things like that with necromancy for a while now.


Saturnian Necromancy as well?


Bloodrites with the spirits and forces of saturn and spirits of the dead? Yeah, been steeped into it intensively for a while now. These days if my ritual doesn´t have sexual current of magick in it, it has necromancy. One or the other.


Lol good for you kid
I do both :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

Shit goes bonkers :ok_hand::metal:


As in blood rites and necromancy?


Sex Current and Necromancy

Sex and Death Essence make a very good combination as one special person in my life has experienced :smirk:


Pm me later man. I wanna talk about this more
I have some ideas


How later is appropiate?But yeah, sure


Wow, someone is popular here! :grin:


I would very much like to join, if there are spots open still @Micah


Please tell me it’s not too late to join!!!


Y’all are on the list

And others :ok_hand:


If I dont answer immediately bear with me, I’m at work lol