The Art Of Baneful Magic {Enrollment For Year Two}


I wasn’t in the right place last year; this year I’m up for it if there’s still room.


I’m curious, if it’s still possible to get involved


I’m interested if possible!


goes to work
Clocks for break
Checks forum



You’re doing good shit


It is all very structured. I do not come up with the lessons. The spirits do.

The lesson for the day is determined by the Dark Gods through Intuition.

I then teach the lesson
So it’s a constant learning experience even for me.

For example,
In channeling, the Demons who want to speak make themselves known and decide which student channels who.

I’ve had spirits leave after 5 Qs (looks at Tiamat) and I’ve had a spirit give a one sentence reply to a student then leave (cough Satan cough)


What’s required I the willingness to do the Work and the willingness to kill.
I will teach you to Kill.
Plain and simple.

I’ve done it, you can do it.


Come on in
You’re on the list


Ya on the list @TheBlondeBrujo


Look forward to it


Can’t wait, hope I made the list


Drags her in


You did :ok_hand:


Hell Yeah, oddly enough never had an intreset in baneful magick per-say but I’m starting to work with Azazel and I feel baneful magick will help me cross a certain threshold and might allow me to break free from some of the old conditioning thats happened to me. A liberation if you will.


Well i work a lot with the Qlippoth :heart: and also Ahriman :heart: magic. I could try. How do you do the practice lessons?


Here is a test…

Meditate on whether you should be in thr Dojo or not. Let the Spirits you work with guide you.

Do this for 3 days.
If at the end of the 3 days you get the green light, then go ahead.

If not, then pm me and I will take you off the list.

I feel the need to emphasize again…
There will be magical warfare through this school year.

If you percieve Warfare as Drama, then don’t join. I don’t have time for foolishness. War is serious shit.


Also there is a church cult at my school that everyone is pretty sure is a sex trafficking systems and I’ll be damned if those fuckers pose a threat to me


Lets say that every thing that gets thought would be changed into a bloodrite with the exception of curses and such. How gullible would the teachings be? You know, just to get a basic idea of the first taste.


We will cover how to take out groups as well :ok_hand:


Will this baneful course help me out with magick in general? Like of course its focused on baneful magick but it seems practicing any magick helps you out in any practice.