The Art Of Baneful Magic {Enrollment For Year Two}

Ya so far thay are through the course twice now getting read for a third time

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I’d like to register for Year 3

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After thinking about this for 3-4 hours, I am totally ready… I am enraged by the amount of people that have wronged me, I want to devour them, I want to kill them… This rage inside me is thristy for their blood, please take me @Micah


Thank you for answering. Were you able to combine it with working hours? And you’re gonna take the course for the third time?

I’m up for this, if there is any room left?

Where is your introduction after almost 6 years in BALG, friend?

Click here --> create a new topic and make a proper intro :slight_smile:
Some Ideas for your intro -->

I suppose after all these years you know the rules already…but just in case, here’s the link -->


Done and thanks!!


I have been following this topic since the thread started

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Speaking of introductions, @Anassa, you missed one :slight_smile:

@Karmen21, please post an introduction in the NEW MAGICIAN AND INTRODUCTIONS area, and tell us about yourself and your magical experience before asking to join a member’s private group. It is a rule of this forum.


Oops! :grinning:


I would live to join i have been look for this type of magick since i started

I would love to learn more . i own Baneful Magick and Necromantic Sorcery. Im not a beginner but i am always willing to learn.

Good shit high five

More posts like this on BALG, pls

Just in general

I’m here for the conjure

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Is there any room for me ?? I would love to learn the sinister path.

Hi, I would like to join…

Hello All
I will not be taking in more students until August 1st so pls check back then
Thank you :ok_hand:


@micah I would like to join. Is there anymore room in the group anyone?

Micah is no longer in the forum


@Faustus what happened, i seen him add so much to the alot of topics?

He was unable to accept a specific rule about something, despite repeated requests and warnings, so his account was closed.

I’ve Unlisted this topic because anything offering free education usually attracts a lot of attention.