The Art Of Baneful Magic {Enrollment For Year Two}


For those who aren’t aware, I use to mentor people one on one to help with their Ascent, and recently, I was guided by the Dark God’s to kick it up a notch and teach in groups.

The “kicker” was that I was to teach what no one else is teaching in groups which is, Baneful Magic.

To this end, I have created (or rather I have received) a Dojo that O teach Baneful Magic in.

We have already had our First year when the Dojo was starting during the later part of 2018 and it was a success.

Let me rephrase that…it was a fucking success :metal:

We are back again to do this once more!!!

What I Teach
Along with @KingOfHearts616 who’s a teacher as well, I teach:

• Evocation

• Necromancy

• Assumption Of GodForms

• Channeling

• Energy Work

• Initiation

• Cursing

• Psychological Manipulation

• And some other shit that had so much inpact, people on here and other places attempted to shut us down through multiple magical warfare.

“Oh damn, really?”
Yes really.

Some of the best lessons come from other people’s bullshit who you ain’t did nothing to, that attempt to serve you “humble pie” where the spirits have gave them no jurisdiction to do so.

I have had students that have been possessed and attacked through warfare, rise back up and regain themselves and their power.
Make no mistake, the shit was real.

I’ve had an idiot try to convince me and a former assistant of mine to help an enemy get revenge on an ex by ganging up on her and manipulating her to give the idiot her virginity or be cursed with brain Cancer.

I declined…
And the consequences of that? War.

Shrugs lolololol
You get the picture :joy::joy::joy::joy::metal:

For those who Want to Join
I will give this one week to be up and For those who want to join to say so. I will then send a Discord invite to each one.

We will start at 30 students, just like last time.

Comment either here or pm me and I will add you to the list.

To those who object what I’m doing
Get off your ass and start doing what I’m doing then come talk to me, pm me, or otherwise!

The Dark Gods and Spirits Await,
Micah :metal::metal::metal:


Nice idea. Not looking to join myself, but if you want to discuss ideas and rituals surrounding bane, feel free to pm me.


I would love to join!!


Very interested, i started reading baneful magick… this week.


I want to join. You were already filled up when I saw your post for the prior group.


I will add you guys to the list :ok_hand:


I would love to join!


Are you still taking on new students?


Yes I am
For one week


Can I join and how does it work?


@Micah I am interested


Yes you can
It’s Voice lessons and actual demonstration and exercises for the students

This is real time work
Various Rites are done in-class, meditations are done in-class, and in some cases warfare is done in class :smiling_imp:


What you and the rest of y’all need to do
Is meditate on whether or not you need to be in the Dojo.

This saves you and me both time.

Do not step astral foot in the Dojo if you are not ready or willing to put in work.

Due to the strong possibility of magical war after the school year starts, there is a definite risk to your Sanity

You’ve been warned :metal:


How much does it cost?


It’s free :ok_hand:


Awesome. Thank you for doing this. What is the skill level required to join?


So, how is everything going to be done in the whole thing? I´m interested because at the moment I have to improvise in my practise. You just give the idea of a ritual format and everybody can just try doing it their own way? How is this whole thing handled?




What is required for one to join? I don’t have any experience in baleful magick yet. I would like to join.


i am sure that you would like this