The Arrogance of Religion

On Craigslist, I made a post in the community section saying I’m looking for a spiritual mentor…

I just found this in my email…

The ARROGANCE. I am requesting a spiritual mentor to assist me in meditation, astral projection, and etc…

This guy sends me this email, like all I need is Allah. Forget making any real spiritual progress, ALL I need is Allah. Knowing & saying the name of Allah is going to bring all that I desire in to fruition…

This is EXACTLY the kind of shit I hate about religion. As I said in my email response, “I know nothing, and you know everything. You have discovered the secrets of life, and all it takes is saying “Allah.” How could I have been so blind?”

Wow, thanks but no thanks for your arrogant, self-righteous dogma.

My responses:

Get over it. It’s old news. You shouldn’t have even wasted your time giving a response.

Yeah, you’re right!

ill be shocked if he/she doesnt a send a message back harrasing you telling you to repent. lol

Nothing yet, I don’t really expect a reply. He/She is probably like “Well he’s a lost soul.”

Come on guy, how surprised do you think I would be to find that “God” = Allah on an Islamic/Muslim website…

Of course he/she wouldn’t think this may be just a little bit biased… Maybe, just a tad, persnaps?

Whow he actually wrote surprisingly calmly and well for a muslim, i would expect something very angry and confused as a respond. I wouldn’t bother talking with those people.

His next response was to “Beta Test” Allah, lmfao.

Wtf that guy is weird, i don’t know what he is really.

Lmfao ya got that right

This reeks of bullshit to me. I mean, “beta testing” Allah? The hell does that even mean? Take him out for spin and if you don’t get your heart’s desire, bring him back and get your money back - no questions asked?

Craigslist is full of people who troll ads for shits and giggles. Best to delete their emails and ignore them or they’ll go on forever.

LMFAO! You got it! Couldn’t have said it better!

That’s exactly what I was thinking!

So basically, I should just toss my extremely helpful familiar, given form by Azazel, who is the best friend in the spirit world a man could have, absolutely loyal to me, and helps me on a daily basis with absolutely everything… I should just toss him aside, to call upon Allah, who I know will have absolutely no ability to benefit me whatsoever. As I have learned in my delving in to the occult that there is a hell of a lot more to spiritual relations than simply using the name of a certain entity. Allah itself simply being another name for the all-pervading Source…

Lmfao Junglered, that really made me laugh, that was good.

I suggest you stop using stuff like kraigslist to find this kind of help.

Do research instead, ask questions, etc.

If you trust someone here and see their abilities then ask them.

I was a hardcore Christian, and I’ve had many conversations with Muslims, I’ve happily never lost a debate.

Unless he’s into mysticism, which a tiny few Muslims are I call horse shit on this bastard.

It’s okay, I now have a mentor, just as my familiar had promised

Glad to hear it.

My mentoring begins Tuesday! Upon completion of the first grade I will have the option of joining the Invisible House Society as a full member =D!