The approaching eclipse, and layering questions

Hey all,
I was planning on performing a layered petition with Asmodeus, Sallos, and Dantalion, and figured that I might wait for the 21st so that I could formulate it during the eclipse.
Basically, since this petition is about bringing someone close to me away from her boyfriend and closer to me, as his replacement.
Through searches here, I picked Asmodeus to be in charge of the breakup. From what I gathered, the most important part here is the wording, keeping yourself upright on your feet, and uncovering your head.
Next, Sallos would bring her towards me emotionally while Dantalion would do the same on a mental level. I picked the latter two as I read that they enjoy sharing their tasks with each other.

My questions are: is there anything wrong here, at first glance?
Is pairing Asmodeus with the duo of Sallos and Dantalion, in any way a bad idea?
Do annular ecplises negatively affect any of the three? If so, what can be done about it?

Many thanks


I don’t do any rituals during eclipses. I work with Asmodeus, Duke Sallos very rarely. I don’t see that there would be a major problem with those three, but when I layer like that, I pay respect to the one of highest rank first. As far as eclipses go, particularly a solar eclipse, the energy is very low and different. Wouldn’t be a bad time to prepare for it, but I would wait until the eclipse passes.


Thank you very much. Could I ask what you meant by this?

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Haven’t you noticed that during an eclipse it just feels different, odd, kind of off? My reasoning is that is because of the way I’ve been taught, and i have tried magick during eclipses, and it fails.


You should consider that just because someone may have feelings of lust for you, that does not mean that they would go so far as to leave their partner for you. Even if they like you intellectually and feel very strong passion for you, they may feel the same way for their partner, and even if they don’t, guilt and fear could prevent them from being disloyal, and perhaps even from breaking up.

I don’t have experience working with the Goetia for this sort of situation, but I will say that for this sort of working to be effective, timing is very, very important, as is information gathering. You need to know if your target can be swayed to disloyalty, or if an outright breakup is the better approach. You also need to know about the status of their relationship. I advise divination.

The former of these options can be tricky to pull off. The latter can be easier since people are often incredibly horny and perhaps even looking for revenge sex after a breakup, so you can position yourself as the “rebound,” which is also much less work than keeping an affair secret. If you go for the breakup, it is quite simple to cause, but requires patience. Arguments are a good way to start it, but they need to lead into resentment and disgust, not reconciliation. Causing sexual impotency in the other partner while increasing your target’s sexual desire is a good way to increase the strain and have the target start considering other options. Another approach is to cause the other partner to lose interest in the target, but not become impotent, and this is especially effective if you bring another sex-interest into his life to capture his attention. This is where the earlier work to cause passion and good regard will help you. It also helps if you are in good standing with her friends, whom she will likely talk to about her situation.

This clearly requires more magickal work than most would want to bother doing, and more patience than most would want to commit. In all honesty it would be much easier to just attract another partner if all you want is sex. Hot women are in abundance. If you hate the guy or just feel the need to destroy someone, though, then this can be quite the enjoyable working to navigate through.

As for your choice of demons, I would not call Asmodeus of the Goetia to cause a breakup. Gaap can conjure fierce hatred between two named targets, cause lust, and cause sleepiness and loss of concentration. Leraje can first cause disruption and arguments, to lead into the hatred, and if necessary can bring pain as a distraction. Dantalion can manipulate both thoughts and emotions, and can bring about meetings with potential new partners. Sitri would be more appropriate than Sallos here to ignite lust and give you a seductive aura. You can evoke Sallos or perhaps Berith later if you want to make this to lead into romance. Paimon can improve your reputation and help you with conversations with your target. Seer can bring resolution and swift decisions in your favor. (source - Demons of Magick)

Astrological events are mostly irrelevant with Goetia magick. They can support magick, but I honestly never pay much attention to astrology and my magick works just fine. I do my rituals while sitting on the ground and I often wear a hood, but the wording of your requests do actually matter. My approach is to state the desired end result as my request (or command to reality), while keeping in mind the specific powers and aspects of the situation that I want the individual demon to cover. With these demons I would give offerings as the situation develops and individual results manifest. It is also a good idea to tell the demon of the other rituals that you have or will perform, and to at all times be clear with the overall end result that you want. Do what you must do to achieve this, no more, and no less.


Thanks for such an in depth reply, theres quite a lot of helpful information here.
Unfortunately, I have pretty much 0 experience in regards to divination, though I am aware that while my target does want this relationship to work, their boyfriend is much emotionally involved, and from time to time a bit “pushy” for her taste. My original plan was to direct Asmodeus towards the partner instead of my target, as my target is quite firm in her morals, whereas her partner…less so. If there would ever be a “rebound” so to speak, that would already be, thankfully that detail is already taken care of. I am indeed in good standing with her friends, as well as with her family, especially her mother and siblings.
I will have to look up Gaap and Leraje, as I do not own a copy of DoM (yet), they sound quite fitting for the job.
May I ask, when you say:

What would you define as the “minimums and maximums” needed for such a task?

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This is why divination is so important. Divination is not limited to things like tarot cards. There are many demons that can assist you with information gathering, both through intuitive/magickal means, and by compelling others to act in ways that bring the information to you. These are perhaps the most overlooked powers of the Goetia.

Among the demons I already listed, Leraje can reveal enemies as yet unknown to you, and Dantalion can reveal the true thoughts and feelings of a named individual.

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