The Angelic Kingdom

Are there imposters in the Angelic Kingdom.
I mean will an angel appear during evocation and pretend to be what he is not.
Can the adepts on this forum share their experience with me.
Thanks in advance.

There are tons of lesser entities that will pose as demons, angels etc. just to trick people into giving them energy.


If you take the name of an entity and visualize it burning upon their forehead (if they manifest as humanoids) it serves as a sort of verification.
My strength is clairaudience, and if they do not pass the earlier test - I hear what is similar to an error sound on a old computer. The environment may feel agitated, as well.


The angelic kingdoms are no real difference from other places in the spiritual, they’re prone to parasites posing as them and the magician who isn’t prepared is prone to run in with a thoughtform of their own creation of the angel or the collective unconscious creations.

It’s just a matter of discerning them apart and being properly shielded.

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