The Angel Overlords, Ben Woodcroft

I wonder if anyone here has any experience with this recent book by Ben Woodcroft?

The Angel Overlords works on changing the energy state within before focusing on the desire which seems interesting.

It’s only been recently published, so other than the reviews on Amazon there doesn’t seem to be much around to tell of results etc. so I thought I would ask around here.


I have the book but haven’t used it yet. I like its premise though.


Yes, by the looks of it, it could be a well rounded product.
I’m tempted to buy it soon but working on a couple of other things at the moment that might get overlooked if I jump in on this one lol.

Essentially, it involves calling upon groups of angels to induce a particular energy state or vibration that will, in turn, affect your external circumstance.


Given that you’ve not used the book yet, do you think it’s a case of picking and choosing the collective angels from the list to then point yourself in the desired direction, or that the book gives a set desire = particular set of angels?

You choose the angel you need based on the effect you are looking for.

For example, the Overlord Angel Kawzibiah and his group, can induce the Quality of Hope.

The Overload Angel Ademariel, and his angels can induce the Quality of Success.

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Thank you, this could be a fairly straight forward book to work with.

I have the 7 Occult Money Rituals by Henry Archer, which also groups particular angels in each ritual and found it’s not too much to get my head around so this one should be good too.

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The book is all about internal changes, not external ones, so it’s good for those who have issues with letting go of their lust for result. You are working on yourself so releasing is easier.

One particular quality that I think will be very useful for almost everyone is the Quality of Receiving. A lot of the “Law of Attraction” literature talks about entering into the receiving state in order to manifest what you want, but they don’t really give instructions on how to do it so the techniques don’t work for a lot of people.

The angels can induce the energy state of receiving and thus you can learn how it feels and eventually learn to induce it whenever you need to.


Hey I like the sound of that and it’s interesting what you say about entering the receiving state with the Law of Attraction.
When I am naturally in that state I recognise it easily, it’s not something that always works by forcing it and it usually comes from observing a natural change through different emotions.

It’s a particular kind of relaxed feeling, such as, ‘Of course, without doubt’.
We can dream that up by ourselves but it won’t stick if it’s not the real feeling.

Wow :slightly_smiling_face:


Disclaimer - haven’t read this book yet, but I’ll probably pick it up sometime to at least read

To my understanding, this is how most angelic magick technically works. Here’s a quote from Gordon Winterfield’s Demons of Magick on this topic:

“If I were to note one distinction between angels and demons, it would be that demons seem to understand and act upon our need to influence others. Indeed, it could be said that when any instruction is given to a demon, it does not seek to fill us with the energy of that state in an attempt to attract manifestation, but compels the people around us to act in ways that bring forth the manifestation. Angels too will influence and control, but they work with forces that open potential and offer opportunity. Demons are more likely to exert control over people and events, to make the changes you require. A demon will affect you directly, as well, but is very willing to make material shifts and to change the minds and hearts of other people.”

There’s quite a bit to unpack there, especially when you consider that you are not the only one who uses magick.


Thank you for that quote. I might have read part of that somewhere before, but now it’s sinking in and I can see the difference between angels and demons more clearly.

I’ve not done much work directly with demons, however I do get the feeling that some have given me their help recently and if so then I am grateful.

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This book is one of my favorites so far, as far as angel magick goes

The reason why is because as an empath/sensitive person, these angelic qualities are in some way more for me than angelic magick books targeted at protection

The angel of stillness, it pushes other people out of my psyche and head space. The angel of forgiveness, works against my partner every time we fight, when he is wrong, he finally understands when I use that. All of the angels do what they say they will do. It doesn’t exactly last but the qualities help me reset into what I need at the time

But my favorite of all, is the angel of movement. In my astrology chart, my mercury is in Aquarius which is a fixed sign. The angel of movement helps me release my mental tension, and on top of that, it frees me up so that my magick and spirit connection is better. Idk why, it’s just better. More free flowing, less resistance, which apparently I hadn’t realized how resistant I’ve been lately,
considering that that’s not how I’ve seen my self in the past. But yeah, the angel of movement, I’ve been using that quality before I do my magick now


Thank you for your description @Radishes,
From what you say, it looks like the rituals are quick to perform. Are they multiple days for each ritual or an overall working to start with followed by shorter workings that you dip into as and when required?

No, it is similar to Ben Woodcroft’s other book, where you perform a single ritual, substituting in only the names of the particular angels you want.

The book recommends doing one ritual, every ten days.

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Thank you @DarkestKnight,

You are much appreciated :slightly_smiling_face:

I don’t follow the authors instructions. I read them and I know them, but I don’t.


Oh … so we can bend the roolz? :open_mouth:
So are you some kind of a rebel? lol

It’s good to read what the book has been like for you, and with the recommended one ritual every ten days that it can still be used as you see fit. I probably would have approached it with considering one ritual as the prescribed time span… but then
Nice :slightly_smiling_face:

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Lol. I might be more experimental and curious than a rebel, rebel sounds too cool for me lol I’m a dork

The ten day ritual is great because of the consistency that is often required to change habits or mindsets. A ten day ritual can be a commitment to change. I just want results now

The angel of movement though, has really helped me, more than the angel of allowance or receiving, because it created more space to let things change. It’s a great book! Ben woodcroft is a game changer!


I wouldn’t be surprised if the qualities last longer and longer for you after each ritual the more you work with the magick over time. Something I’ve found is that by being immersed in a particular system, the spirits in that system are able to connect with you more deeply, and so they can peel back the unneeded layers that prevent you from being in a constant state of stillness, or forgiveness, or movement, or any of the other other qualities.

I haven’t worked this magick, so I can’t speak to any specifics here, but in general I like to follow the instructions set out by an author before experimenting with my own changes. The author typically is much more experienced with and knowledgable about the magick in the book, so I like to figure out why they suggest doing things a certain way first before experimenting myself.


These are all very good and practical points. My experimentation is in no disrespect to the author woodcroft and his knowledge and experience.

I’m just an impatient chaos magician who does what she wants, and if it seems somewhat reckless, that hasn’t been my experience, any risk

But yes, after using this magick for almost a month, the qualities have deepened and have lasted longer than the first invocation!