The Ancient medicine, Urine therapy

Here is an excerpt from a Chi Kung site.

It supposedly has many benefits other than fighting disease. Its been used for thousands of year’s, I believe the big pharma doesn’t want people to know we produce our own medicine’s tailor-made for us in our urine.
I know alot of Hollywood celebs practice it now I find celeb worship pitiful but they are involved with high level occult information which has been gathered from the East in which this practice is widely used.

Plus on a side note, I’ve read many hermit’s and famous monks collected their urine in sealed jar’s, which only came to light after their deaths , now this was said to make them seem like they had lost touch with reality but now we know they knew exactly what they were doing.

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You mean we have been ignoring a key source of nutrients all along?

Knee jerk reaction was like “Gross. Sic_Draco is going for shock value.” I read the article.

Thanks for sharing. Hopefully they can make it in powdered capsule form … cause as interesting as this is, I’m not starting a “Morning Pee Tea” routine.

Have you tried this?


Urine has long been used by Shamans after ingesting psychedelic substances which was then processed by their kidneys and purified then passed and given to initiates.

But ancient civilisations used them for an
altogether higher purpose. … stock is scarce in Siberia) they
came up with an inventive solution: drink the urine of the drug

Yep, considering one in two of us will die of cancer, I’m 34 now and cancer usually takes 20years before it shows up and does its damage. Cancer thrives in an alkaline environment so consuming baking soda and viniger will bring ones ph up to a place cancer cells die and get consumed by ones white blood cell’s, I’m guessing they hide in an alkaline environment produced by eating too much refined processed food stuffs, the more acidic one makes their body highlight the foreign contamination.

My point being I’m going to try every alternative cure to human illness, prevention is better than cure, with all the radiation from Fukashima and the electromagnetic radiation from WiFi towers we need to be proactive in protecting ourselves, I would recommend people stock up on iodine supplements as they are already being banned.

Urine Therapy - Biomedx

Urine therapy can be a very effective healing modality.
Sometimes when all else fails, urine therapy will turn a person
around. We will be covering some of the reasons why this may
be so,

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Do you think a shot glass worth of it every day would be beneficial? Would be difficult getting used to drinking ALL of your daily output.


The first urination in the morning contains , growth hormones , gaba, testosterone , estrogen(women)among many other vital mineral’s, lost during sleep.

The pharmaceutical companies sell poison and then charge you for the cure too, its all a fucking racket, alternative medicine doctors are being assassinated, natural herbs being pulled from shelves, Agenda 21.

Don’t just take my word for it, research research research!


Well you will have to forgive me for doing my own research.

Wouldn’t want to end up on that "That moment when … " thread:

That moment when Sic_Draco got Rahnoren to drink his own piss.



Nah I’m not that type of person, I don’t like lying to people, I always been compelled to be truthful, there’s something in all of us which cant stand lies which is proven by the tells people have when they do it through micro expressions.

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Oh I know. Still need to look at dosage.

Pregnancy test usage comes to mind, mid flow contains the most hormones.

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