The Amusing Story of How I Unlocked My Latent Psychic Powers

So, when I was at work today (I work at McDonald’s) I was taking orders and at a particularly slow time, I was taking one order. He ordered two cheeseburgers and I asked him if he wanted anything else, at which point I thought I heard him say, “Large Double Double.”

So, I said, "A Large Double Double as I punched it in and he responded, “Yeah, how did you know that?” At which I, always quick witted, responded, “I’m psychic.”

When he came to the window to pay he looked at me weird and asked me about the lotto numbers, to which I replied, “If I knew them, do you think that I’d be working at McDonald’s?”

tl;dr: I heard a customer’s thoughts as audible words and freaked him out.


Poetry right there!