The Ajin

There is a series on Netflix by the name of Ajin; Demi-human. It’s a thriller/action/supernatural Anime show about creatures called Ajins who are basically unkillable humanoids. They can only be distinguished from humans from an outside observer when they “die” for the first time. An Ajin is gifted upon thier first death some supernatural abilities as well, including regeneration when they die again and a “voice” that physically paralyzes nearby observers.
Even though it’s a work of fiction, I think in some way an Ajin could exist. At least, spiritually. Shamans usually suffer an illness that causes a lucid dreaming near-death experience before thier spiritual rebirth. Similarly, you can in many traditions be re-born (Tiamat, for example, is a being who spiritually destroys you and re-constructs you inside her womb, so you can be reborn). Do you think anyone who has had a “rebirth”, “died before and still lives” or has been “awakened by grave misfortune” is, in some capacity, Ajin-like?
(P.S, when I was younger my neighbor actually died and surprisingly she was alive and doing well the last time my mom saw her bringing home groceries. She actually looked alive and was walking even though she was 60 or 70 and had 3 heart attacks. So does the experience of death actually lift some things off our shoulders, metaphorically speaking?)


@SabahSnoblod It’s probably going to be Necromancy if this were to happen in real life. You know the rites of transfiguration right?

@TheStorm I’ve heard of the rites but I don’t have much knowledge of necromancy in general.

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I had a dealth like experience when I was eight and could hear spirits and astral travel after that. I am well aware that I might have actually died/been clinically dead but im not 100% sure.

When I woke up I felt very different at least I realised I was different. My family was crying but I was overjoyed. I had seen the spirit world and it was so beautiful there. That’s when I realised there were other planes of existance.

So yes in that respect i felt like a weight was lifted off my shoulders. I had at a young age experienced what many people ask themselves their whole life is there more than this world. But at the same time I felt another weight. I felt responsible somehow and special but not in a self centered way. Like i came back with a purpose.

I wonder if that makes you less human when a ritual like this is done. Are Leviathan and Tiamat the same or very similar? He is one of my guardians but I cant hear him for some reason. One of the few times i spoke to him he offered me something like this.

I feel that this is happening to me gradually im changing. Each being i envoke i almost always have some kind of dreamlike experience where i appear “reborn” but in reality i am being allied with their energy so i am more prepared when i invoke them.


They’re very similar, yes.


Tiamat is always female, Leviathan can be female or male or even androgynous. Leviathan is also more of a water/storm deity; Tiamat is salt water (specifically) and earth.


Every invocation or evocation will change you in some way or form because of the absorption of the various powers that you are dealing with in my experience.

The more you work with a specific entity, the more you will become more like them, unless you periodically banish their energies.


How much of yourself is lost or how much control of yourself can you loss? I will be primarily working with Lilith, Samael, and The Leviathan so I’ll be Evoking a lot and I will be invoking there spirits, essence, energy or however its called into statue representations of them so it seems banishing is out. Also I’ll be wearing their sigil pendants and will also be invoking their energies in those too so not only will they grounded to this reality through their representations but I’ll be carrying them with me where ever I go. Bottom line they will be my familiars.

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I’d say that depends on your own personality and the force of your will.

These spirits you’ve mentioned are very powerful and exude their own will quite strongly.

It’s not that any of them forced me to do anything, but they may have suggested me do or start thinking certain ways of doing things, and it all of a sudden just seemed like a really good idea at the time to listen to them, when prior to this I wasn’t thinking of doing those things at all.

Now the only things that I’ve “lost” have been what to me are weak parts of myself that have held me back from my true power and will in this world.

For instance, I used to be a big doormat for everyone to walk all over, yet when someone would give me a compliment, I’d just play it down.

Now working with Lilith for the short time that I have so far, I’m no longer a doormat for anyone, yet I’m still considered a nice person, but also I’ve been shown that I’ve been a badass for a while now by not only Lilith but Eisheth Zenunim(which they had to convince me by giving me example after example) You see the way I was raised and the religion and traumas that I experienced as a child had me programmed to keep putting myself down and not allow self confidence and power. They showed me that, among other things. So, for the longest time, I’ve turned a blind eye to all of my accomplishments and goals. That is no longer the case.

Just being in Lilith’s presence and having her stay around for a while has automatically increased my sexual confidence and charisma in general and with the opposite sex. For example, with not even trying and just being myself, there were 4 women at my job that were pretty much fighting to get my attention and affections. Also I had a relaxed sort of arousal that could be ready for sex if I really wanted to.

Lilith is vampiric and so, she made me want to incorporate vampiric techniques and magick into my path, yet still be loving to my family and friends, but ruthless with my enemies if need be. She also made a VERY convincing argument about this with me and why it was not only a good idea, but would enhance the path I’m already on concerning alchemy, and showed me ways where not only I didn’t have to be hurting anyone from it(as that was a concern for me) but that they’d lose the energy in other ways normally anyway, and this way was healthy for both parties!

If you’re not banishing these energies at all, they will have a much stronger influence on you and change you faster and much more thoroughly I’d say. Samael and Lilith have had an addicting type of energy or presence at least to me, where Lilith basically flew away from my grasp and stopped coming around as much to help me disconnect from her because I was clearly getting obsessed and it was interfering with my magickal equilibrium and ascent, even though I saw it was painful for her to do so. That’s how much she loves me and cares for me and her followers/friends/lovers.

I wasn’t strong enough to leave her of my own will at the time, but she did what was necessary to help me.

So, I’d say be careful if you are not going to be banishing these forces at all, as they can be quite addicting, not because of any hostility towards you themselves. Perhaps you should get to know these entities individually and under more reserved ways first before you go full monty with them.

I know for me that I don’t leave any energies in my temple for long anymore unless I’m doing an overnight pathworking or astral work with said entity. I’ll call the energies for my magickal/alchemical working at the time, meditate with them for a bit, then release the energies back to where they came from politely and respectfully.

Good magick to you!

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Oh gosh… I’m.working with Samael right now, and was just wondering why doesn’t he come and spend more time?I thought there was something wrong with me… Maybe I failed one of his tests… but no…
Now I understand, I was too intoxicated with his energy/presence and couldn’t quite focus… Wow.
This post really just confirms what I was thinking…
I felt so lost, so abandoned… smh I’m so stupid… thank you to the person who wrote this and to the spirit that I doubted… :hearts:


You’re not stupid, just inexperienced in this way, and experience is the great teacher :slight_smile:


Thanks for the reply it puts banishing into perspective. I like to think that over time I have strengthened my will but it is towards humans and these are Gods and Goddesses. I can relate to be a doormat, I was born into a family of Jehovah’s Witnesses and they teach nonviolence. Not that I needed to be taught that I’m a sweetheart by nature but being that way got me picked on a beat up a lot. Before I became the 6’4" behemoth well kind of skinny behemoth at 210lbs I was a short fat kid. I’m still a sweetheart but now if someone pisses me off I flip out and try to rip there heads off and crap down their necks :innocent:. Samael will probably love that side of me and Lilith my sweetheart side. Even though I recognize my dark side I will have to be doubly careful, there are times on my own I’m thinking "you know he’s a jackass let me kick him down 3 flights of stairs":smiling_imp:. Yeah I got my work cut out for me, but it is what I’m drawn to so I’ll make the best of it and try and stay off the evening news :joy:. Damn spell check got figure out how to disable it.


Yes, their life force and the emanation of their will far exceeds most humans lol.

That’s one of the reasons why many magickal training systems have you do introspection and keep a diary, so that you can see what your personality is really like and then you can gauge how the spirits and forces you’re dealing with are effecting you and adjust as you need to.

Both Lilith and Samael have definitely brought out the dark side in me, but for the purposes of alchemy, not just to let it control me or take me over, but for integration, healing, empowerment, balance, and destruction of forces counter to my magickal ascent.


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