The "advanced" are not so "advanced"! 🎯

While my time on the forum has been short, I’ve had the opportunity to speak with someone in my area who had no previous knowledge of BALG.

I was shocked! And it allowed me to ask every single question I had in my head, without judgement. Without someone criticizing my thoughts or feeling like I had to apologize for being me. Or my path.

Her final words to me as I was walking out the door: “Jen, those who claim to be advanced are not so advanced. They just have more knowledge and anyone can gain knowledge. You come back and see me anytime.”

Seventeen days later, I went back to see my friend. Without even asking me, she scanned my aura and simply stated, “You know your path.”

And that lead to a discussion of a lifetime, as she picked my brain.


Good point. I always judge someone by the validity of their words, not by how grandiose they are. Those who are really powerful don’t boast about it, and those who make big claims in order to get their ego stroked usually don’t deliver.


That’s why I will always regard myself as a neophyte, hence the name.


Pssst…i love you beautiful woman. This is very good advice. Thank you for sharing :two_hearts:

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I’ve never called myself advanced (as I can recall xD ) I don’t like sounding snobby or like those people who are like “you gotta be worthy to work with me hurhur”


Id rather be thought of as an idiot than a genius tbh.


Neophyte, initiate, adept, magus.

Only the first two can be known to and declared for oneself.

The latter two are conferred by other initiates. Great skepticism is warranted when someone self-refers as an adept and a magus. Question one should always be “according to who?”

No genuine magus I’ve ever been acquainted with personally or in studying has self-referred as such.

You’ve also touched on a key reason magic is occult. The knowledge is deliberately reserved for those who at least know wisdom from a hold my beer moment when they see it.


Good point. I have never heard this before but I must say I agree. I aim to be confident and honest about my skill level and abilities. Hypothetically, imagine how embarrassing it would be to be a neophyte who talked themself into a group of adepts lol.


I guess that’s why I love demons. I don’t feel so guilty about wasting their time with questions, cause after all, they know how to be evasive and not answer them if they don’t want to.

I would love to get paid real money to answer people’s questions, but of course that means self promoting and having a big ego.


@Jastiv - no it doesn’t mean you need to have a big ego. Self promotion, yes, absolutely, of course! But your ego is dependent on your heart and mind connection. I’ll PM you later on this!

In my area, I live close to place called Rainbow Gardens in Ogden (UT). They have people who do exactly what you want to do for a living - just locally. And most stay with what they know.

I worked with a gal for a bit who did her readings on the side - she had made arrangements with a local hotel to use part of their lobby for her side business.

So, look into getting a business license. Start researching business models. Network. There are tooooons of material out there to get you started. :slight_smile:



Psssst! :kissing_closed_eyes: Right back at you sister! Thanks for your support. Looooooove you to the moon and back, Goddess! :dart:

Sorry, but I have to larp a little. Great song! :rofl::joy:


Careful, we’re treading judgement here.

My lesson learned: Each to their own.

But I read most of your posts for insight.


Not judgement at all, atleast unless you choose to treat it that way. Judgement would be me pointing out names but no I created a random scenario.


Damn it, you put me in my place.

Very, very true!

Thanks! :blush:

Didn’t mean for it to come off that way, but you get what I mean.

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No worries! I 100% get what you mean.

Well, I need to log off. I’m supposed to get ice cream with my sister.

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Ahhh this made me giggle so much :joy::two_hearts: loved it :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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Thank you for this!
I have run into so much bs lately with this type of thing.
Especially people who tell me their special soul ancestry gives them a free pass for knowledge and power.


That’s really cringe :joy: though at the same time there is always going to be some knowledge some have access to and others don’t by whatever means aware or unaware or sadly

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