The act of rituals not just magical ones

I woke up and this article was the first thing I read and it made complete sense from life experience. I’ve always felt every person must have a system/checklist in place to be consistent in life and daily habits physically, mentally, spiritually and socially. But, the most important thing I’ve learnt is have fun with it and MOST IMPORTANTLY dedicate personal time to yourself and only you whether it’s an hour a day or a day to yourself during the week. Use that time for just you. AGAIN just you. Go for a swim, a walk, meditate, any type of art form, widdle some wood or TGS And fingerblast a succubus vise versa…ANYTHING!!! we spend so much energy on work, family, friends, etc. and we tend to forget about us and meaningful ritual/habits/routine can become bad. Acts of rituals in daily life help with structure and consistency but don’t let it consume you. If it’s interfering with getting to point A to B step back, evaluate and make adjustments. If it doesn’t work replace it with something that does until shit’s figured out. sorry if my post is all over the place but figured someone could get something out of the article.