The Acceptance of Magic

EA Koetting called it,when he said that the Black Sun was at its zenith,Aleister Crowley called it,saying this was the Aeon of Horus,Lady Eva called it,saying this was the Era of Theogenesis.

So in keeping with that,I would like to propose a topic about our future.This isn’t so much our nearer future,but it is our future.It is the power of what we do,and who we are.

In the past,magick,science and religion were one.As time passed,the distinction between them blurs more and more.Some philosophers were magicians,and scientists but didn’t commune with their gods.Still,some priests were magicians and clerics but never scientists.

Figures like Sir Isaac Newton were all three,but I would like to emphasize that today,people are judgemental.Like,really judgemental.Apparently for some reason,you cannot fully identify with either of these without renouncing others.

How many scientists are materialist atheists?How many religious fundamentalists deny magic as unethical(or non-existent) and science as fraudulent?How many hippies don’t see any validity in what science says,but also never strive to talk to these spirits,for fear of being labeled by the rest of society.

If I came out of the broom closet,the consequences would be grave.Too grave for me to easily imagine.There would be a major shift in the way people treated me.Family members may loathe my path,some outright denounce me as family,friends forget me,I’d lose most of what I’ve built,ironically with magick.

And here’s the catch.If I come out as an atheist,I wouldn’t get that treatment,most of my family already thinks I’m an atheist(Even though I’m NOT,and I constantly mumble some Kybalion crap to prove that I’m not).Nor would they treat me like this if I came out as a Xian,or Buddhist,or any real official religion.

But if I came out,even as a Pagan,I would be treated harshly.If I came out as a witch,who bows before no god,I would be in even deeper trouble.

We’ll ignore the labels forced to us by those who think magick is evil,because we’ll look at the people who don’t even accept it as real.

I’m a magician.I talk to spirits daily.I perform rituals to alter the world daily.I can travel out of my body.I can control people’s minds.I can control the weather.My thoughts affect reality in an intimate fashion.I’m on my way to becoming a god.

Most people will read the following:I’m convinced I’m a wizard.I hear voices in my head.I actively do things daily that I actually think will affect the world around me.I think I have superpowers.I can think stuff into existence.I am trying to become a god.

Conclusion:This guy needs to go to the loony bin.

What’s our future with magic?

Before Hippocrates,medicine was magic.Before F.A.Mesmer,hypnosis was magic,and after him,it was complete quackery!Until of course psychology.All of psychology would be magic before it began to exist and many magicians classify themselves as a form of psychologist.

And as EA points out,magic is probably going to be discovered by science,analyzed in a real context at some point.It’d probably end up called ‘‘Applied Metaphysics’’,or ‘‘Experimental Spirituality’’ or ‘‘Energetic Kinetics’’.But ‘‘the occult’’ and ‘‘magick’’ are both pejorative terms that will fade away.

My first question is,when will the scientific community start accepting magick as real,and demystify the occult?

And the second question is,do we really want that happening?

I mean C.J.Lee and Raven have pointed out that if science accepts magick as real,our tyrannical dictators will start poisoning our food to stop us from performing it to keep the powers for themselves.Laws will be set,that would stagnate our growth.The worldview of limited resources would make using magic for ascent next to impossible,right?So is this all worth it?

My final question,what field,aspect,or thing in magick do you see as the first that is going to be accepted by the scientific community?

Thank you.

Well it’s no joke. If magick were studied enough and actually proven to be real I could actually see our future becoming something from the Minority Report movie with Tom Cruise. Those in charge, the 1%ers that only rule because they hold the keys to ancient magick and truly know the way would set limits on the rest of us while hiding in the shadows, making it all appear as if the government in general is making the impositions for safety concerns and the religious governmental leaders doing it as part of their fight to keep god and christianity in control. But the true reason would be to keep the minority rulers in control so they would be the only ones with access to such power as you could imagine, they would be exempt from such rules.

This would eventually be used by religious leaders to further more scare their followers by turning it around for the good of their kind, going from non-believers to being those that do believe but use magick as an excuse to show magicians that are defying god and that exploration of such power will land you in hell in a hand basket quicker than you can utter the words Lord, forgive me for I have sinned. While the majority governmental rulers would use safety as a catch-all.

Currently, safety is used in many ways to control the masses, more so than any of us realize. You don’t wear a seatbelt because you are too short or too large in the belly to use it comfortably you are fined and their reasoning for this is because you are putting your life in jeopardy when the real goal behind it is to find legal ways that they can steal your money to handle the needs of your town, city, or state and to line the pockets of your local greedy politicians so they can add the 13th vintage car to their collection of old hot rods. It’s our freakin bodies, if we are willing to risk death who cares, let us!

Besides you know the world would be better for us all if seatbelts were not enforced and 50,000 extra per year would be flung out their windshields and die as it would mean more money, food, and resources for the rest of us. 50,000 less mouthbreathers eating up all the resources and possibly, many of those dead would be those who are of no use to society anyway such as foreign immigrants living on free grants and welfare recipients that purposefully have 8 kids they cannot afford just to get a higher check and use having that many kids as an excuse not to work for their food. They use safety as en excuse for fining people all the time. You went over the speed limit by 5 miles and no one was injured but that’s a fine for safety reasons. You looked at your phone for 2 seconds and didn’t even swerve but that’s a fine for safety reasons. In Ohio, you only had a license plate on one end of your car and not both ends, that’s a fine for reasons of cop safety as it makes it harder for law enforcement to identify you in your vehicle (yes, that’s a real law Ohio, I got fined $175 for it even though this was when I was a new driver in that state and had no clue but you know, ignorance is no excuse for breaking the law).

I could see them using magick as yet another “that’s a threat on safety” and going as far as labeling all magicians as possible terrorists since we claim to be able to control our own reality and the reality of others around us, making them submit to our will and also curse those who harm us. The government does not believe in taking justice in your hands, if you do you end up in jail even if you had a good reason to like shooting and killing a robber because they pulled out a knife and the cops were nowhere near around, when you truly are protecting your safety you are charged with involuntary manslaughter and sent to jail. The only people in this world that truly need to be feared is our governments!

I would not put it past them to pull a Minority Report recap and suddenly place cameras and heat sensors in everyone’s home and the instant you do anything that looks magickal in nature, an officer is at your door to arrest you for imposed terrorism. If you disable the cameras, an officer immediately at your door to not only fine you for disconnecting them but force you to reconnect them and the 2nd time it happens an even bigger fine and this time the state will place a plexi-glass lock box reinforced with steel re-bar over your cameras that cannot be broken into and of course in addition to the fine, you will also be charged for supplies and labor costs to install and if you cannot pay them you are sent to jail for so many days where you will incur more fines simply for being held in their jail and eating crappy food they claim to be paying for but really the local citizens are footing the bill for that with tax dollars, so it’s not even their money they are spending to house you and feed you yet they collect that back from you too as if they were paying for it.

The government wants to enforce us in every way possible yet they want us to pay for their enforcement over us. Pay their salaries, pay for their cool cop cars with V8 engines that reach max speeds of 260 mph or greater, pay for their jailed prisoners to eat who are being held over something stupid anyway since they never stick to just jailing those who really deserve it such as murderers, rapists, child abusers, thieves, etc. no they have to hold 30 extra prisoners per month that were late paying their seatbelt ticket or got busted smokin a dube. With that kind of punishment over a simply mistake, think how horrid magicians would be treated during containment? Probably 3 x 5 cells in solitaire with one meal per day, just enough to keep us alive so they can torture us, probably just a bucket to pee in if even that, and probably use violence to force us to share our secrets with them so they can use that info to further enforce and limit magick to the outside world.

But you can guarantee those who rule the world would not have to follow these rules and would be exempt from cameras so they can continue to practice magick in secrecy.

The higher ups already know about magic, everyone in the Canadian and United States government is in a secret society. Secret societies are where they learn esoteric arts.

Also, the army is very interested in magic. They have a division of soldiers who have the ability to remoteview, they have trained telekenetic and pyrokenetic soldiers. So does Russia, but these kinds of soldiers just aren’t publicized. The government doesn’t want this kind of power in the hands of the common man.

tyrannical leaders are already pumping sodium fluoride into the water here in America. (calcifies the pineal gland)

but yes its worth it. imagine you so powerful that even they cannot touch or harm you in any way. a you so strong in will that men and women would follow the command of your slightest whisper. if they (the masses) don’t need to know that you are an ascended god then let them remain ignorant. there is no force, no law, or ideal that can stop the ascent of man’s soul save for the will, or the lack there of, of the magician himself. magic does NOT need to be accepted. the power flows whether people fear you or not. if they can only see fear in their hearts then let them go.

of course the saddest part of this entire discussion is the fact that at one time early in our history we were as the gods are. we LOST our godhood. the path of ascent is the great recovery and activation of the powers we lost long ago. our brothers and sisters cannot even fathom the power that dwells within them. and to do so or explain to them would destroy their entire psyche and leave them raving mad.

one day they will be ready, speak to them the truth and the steps one must take to become like you. but only do so when they ask “what else is there?” or else the consequences could be disastrous.

have no fear, the world will soon be ready for us. just wait patiently and smile as you see the signs manifest in the people around you.

Like finding a websitew and forum called Become a Living God for example?! lol!!!

I’m just old enough to still be awed by this, I had to scrape and stitch together my original magickal practices from fiction books, now you guys have all this stuff and a million more sources at the price of typing a few words in an address bar… we don’t always see the times changing from where we are, but going back a decade, or two, or into the past, then it’s all too obvious that this is MASSIVE.

And I don’t mean just this website (much as I love the guys and gals involved) but thew whole panorama, the forums, the spells on sites, free (and legal) downloads of classic works, the ability to buy grimoires, hand-made sigils etc online - it’s a wonder. :wink:

With the breakthroughs in the sciences of radionics and quantum computing magick will have to be excepted. But there will be a lot of work to be done, deconditioning and reprogramming the masses unfortunately.

I really like what E.A. and his crew are doing, educating the public via Youtube and other platforms for free. Its great since a lot of people won’t put the effort or even know where to look.

! No longer available

I know there are a lot of others in different occult circles attempting the same feat and there is no better time than now!

We place no reliance On Virgin or Pigeon;
Our method is SCIENCE, Our aim is Religion.
-Aleister Crowley

Not to sound paranoid or anything but, They already have!

It’s called Smart Technology. SmartPhone, SmartCar, SmartTV, SmartMeter, Smart Grid…etc.

Beware of Corporate Fascists!!!

[quote=“ashtkerr, post:3, topic:6467”]The higher ups already know about magic, everyone in the Canadian and United States government is in a secret society. Secret societies are where they learn esoteric arts.

Also, the army is very interested in magic. They have a division of soldiers who have the ability to remoteview, they have trained telekenetic and pyrokenetic soldiers. So does Russia, but these kinds of soldiers just aren’t publicized. The government doesn’t want this kind of power in the hands of the common man.[/quote]

Most countries have these. We even have them in Denmark, and if we have them - then everybody does! I was once somewhat involved with a girl, whose other ‘interest’ just so happened to be heading that particular ‘office’ (or whatever its called) of the danish military intelligence service, which is how I know of this.

Not to sound paranoid or anything but, They already have!

It’s called Smart Technology. SmartPhone, SmartCar, SmartTV, SmartMeter, Smart Grid…etc.

Beware of Corporate Fascists!!![/quote]

I am fully aware that the technology already exists. They put cameras in everything, they won’t let you delete old facebook messages anymore even crap messages from people bugging you that you don’t really want to keep in your archives folder, and Xbox Kinect if plugged in the microphone is automatically turned on and it cannot be turned off unless unplugged I learned that the hard way one time when some adult friends and I were having a mature conversation and some kids mom made us aware that she could hear every word we were saying even though we did not have a headset and she tried telling us to watch our language but I told her this xbox live game for those ages 17 and up so if she wants to shield her 7 year old son from such language don’t let him play adult games and get on xbox live with other adults and older teens.

It wasn’t until we unplugged our kinect that they could no longer hear us talking and the game we were playing was not a kinect game at all, so people can hear you on xbox live no matter what game you are playing if your kinect is plugged in and you are playing online with other people, so the government probably records every bit of it too. But I meant if magick was proved to be real they would use such technology to regulate magicians and if we violate their rules or turn off the cameras in any way there would be officers standing by to arrest you. I have heard of people hijacking into other’s laptops, webcams, and ipads and activating the front facing cameras to spy on people so if they can do it, the government already can.

I’m sure they have other ways to spy on us but I covered the webcam on my laptop with stickers, the camera on my old crappy non-smart phone just in case because I don’t use that camera anyway it’s a piece of junk, and I accidentally spooked my daughter enough that she covered up the cameras on her ipad. They can already see your home from satellite via google earth so I bet the government can zoom in even further than that and at least see our heat signatures while walking around inside of our homes.

I may sound like a conspiracy theory nut but I can assure you I am completely sane and I’ve seen enough removed-from-Tv documentaries to know that not everything in those high tech action packed movies is fake or impossible.

Windows 10 is basically a keylogger device that sets up for “telemetry” i.e. sending data back to MS constantly, and worse yet, Windows 7 & 8 have all downloaded updates that amount to the same thing,. but they can be manually removed: (if this link doesn’t work, exit that tab and try it again, it sometimes leads to a welcome page on first use).

The Bad News

The three updates in question – KB3075249, KB3080149 and KB3068708 (which replaces KB3022345) – all add “customer experience and diagnostic telemetry” to Windows 7 and Windows 8. This is shorthand for monitoring how you use Windows and sending that data back to Microsoft HQ for evaluation.

Worse still software specialist site gHacks, which first discovered the tracking, notes these updates will ignore any previous user preferences:

“These four updates ignore existing user preferences stored in Windows 7 and Windows 8 (including any edits made to the Hosts file) and immediately starts exchanging user data with and”

…On the flip side KB3068708 is classified as ‘Recommended’ which means Windows 7 and Windows 8 PCs with Windows Update set to automatic will install it by default. That said for the update to appear in the first place you will need to be a participant in Microsoft’s Customer Experience Improvement Program, an opt-in program which already has you agreeing to send user data to the company.

When - hardly a tinfoil hatter site - are going to these lengths to warn people, one can only hope that Microsoft will reconsider their stance. Anyway if you use W7, 8 or 10, take half an hour to check your settings, do some research, and keep an eye on the situation.