The Acasual Plane

Earlier today I Soul Traveled and wanted to visit the Acasual Realm since i had never been there. I went into Outer Space and Focused on the star Algol as a gateway to that place. I dont know how i “knew” to use it like that, but I did lol.

I enter the gateway and come out on the other side to a gothic, dark (VERY dark), and slightly ornamented cathedral.

The Cathedral
A source of light was shining through the windows from above and i saw these silhouettes standing around a sacrificial altar, that i later understood to be the Dark Gods.

Vines of Pale red roses squirmed there way along the cathedral walls as decorations.

I looked up, and saw a Green Star at the top of the cathedral which i understood to be Algol and what connects this Cathedral to the Acasual Realm.

The Dark Gods

Once I finished taking in the Surroundings, i felt clueless as to what to do so i called a mentor of mine, Master Suhnam.

Micah (M): Ummmm…Suhnam, what do I do now lol?

Master Suhnam (MS): Call Vindex.

I do as told and call Vindex by vibrating his name in the cathedral. A individual similar to Alexander The Great appeared to me and We started talking.

The Conversation

Vindex (V): So…you wish to become a Dark God?

M: I do not Wish to be Anything. I am already A Dark God.

V: How Connected Are you?[To your Acasual Side]
[In order to be a Dark God] you must get connected More. The Acasual is a realm of Infinite Potential and Limitlessness. There is more for you to discover. This place deals with Chaos while the casual planes deal with Order. The opposite of Order is NOT Chaos, but Dis Order. Just like the Opposite of Love is not hate, but Indifference.

Demons and Gods get their Origin from this place. Chaos is a Higer Order. It is THE higher order. Learn to Assimilate Chaos and put it together for your own use. Chaos does not mean RANDOM. It means making way for the limitless.

M: Thank you.

At This point, i Left the Cathedral and returned into Outer Space. I felt like i left there with new abilities so i decided to test them out. One of the abilities i had gained was to be able to make a acasual portal and instantly arrive where i want to arrive. I made one that leads to my body and stepped through it. And closed it afterwards of course.

Getting back to my Body, i started to recieve a download of information and ideas related to this place that im still contemplating.

What do you guys think?
Have you ever been to the Acasual?
What Advice would you give for navigating it?


I have no advice for you as you are way above my league. But I just have one question, how long did it take for you to master soul travel where you can what E. A say " jump" out of body. And have you mastered how to possess others.

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@Micah Interesting experience! I would caution against a literal interpretation of it, though: the acausal is, by definition, incomprehensible to humans. It is limitless, beyond perception, and outside the spatiotemporal paradigm itself. Visiting such a realm is impossible from this human perspective. One may seek to interact with the acausal, but the very nature of this interaction (being rooted in a cause-and-effect spatiotemporal perception) will necessarily result in the creation of a causal mask through which the Abyss will communicate. Until we transcend this human form and consciousness (presencing the acausal by becoming a nexion for it), we remain limited to the causal realm. Nemo Alius and the ONA have relevant writings on the topic.


@Goku I have used EAs methods but i have not as of yet actually came out my body (as in a supernatural, visceral experience). BUT! My presence has been verified by others to the point where one person has seen a brief appearance of me/my form in the hallway waving at them. My Soul Travels Take place in my mind, but they are not imagination lol.

And I have almost mastered how to posses a human. Ive done it multiple times for purposes of energetic work and cleansing. But its a repeated attempt type of thing. I probably could completely overtake a person, but i have better uses for that. Specifically, my next lifetimes. Forcing my way into a human about to be born so i can develop my skills even further. Just like I did this Lifetime :wink::wink::wink:


@Nyxifer Ive been seriously considering getting into the ONA. Ive read their material but shunned it cause of the bs in it like “culling the herd” :joy::joy::joy::joy:.

But I will Invoke their Dark Gods like Naos. Im actually looking for a list of Acasual Dark Gods btw

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Heh, just linked to this in another thread on here. See the full text of NAOS: Part 2, Esoteric Sorcery for their corresponding chants and sigils.


Thanks Man!

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So you are suggesting it is easier to possess somebody than to have out of body, visceral experience. Interesting. It seems E. A’s soul travel course has quite a few surprises for me :grinning:. common sense says one has to first get out of one’s physical body and then enter someone else’s body, possessing them. Nevertheless, man keep going on your journey towards godhood. Best wishes from my part.


Nice! At least now you can choose your life circumstances, and can haunt people


Very cool stuff man. I encountered something similar when I went to the Acausal realm. I encountered an enormous serpent that asked me questions that are strangely similar to what you were asked.


Yes, same experience and info here fwiw.