The Abyss

Hi everybody,
What is in your opinion the Abyss?
Is it an objective place or is in our mind?

There are areas in the astral that you might call the abyss. I think when people talk about the abyss they are talking about a part of your mind though, that part of your mind that’s always linked to the aural and the void.

To cross the Abyss you need to be empowered by this:

Throughout history, the ravenous appetite that “men of muscle” have for top quality beef has become as legendary as their superhuman feats. Ancient warriors, Greek Olympic athletes, strongmen like Sandow and even Roman gladiators craved and consumed pounds of beef per day to build muscle to boost their combat prowess. Now, in modern times this muscle building nutrition tradition carries on in the bodybuilding world with CARNIVOR!*

To use other terminology, the abyss in quantum mechanics means an “unmarked state.” Translation in laymans terms is entering the abyss is basically magickally empowering yourself to be in an unstructured reality…and in magickal terms you caste a spell and so your life goes into a bit of chaos or destabilizes. Unstructured reality.

To combat this you have to completely cross the abyss. One goes from an unmarked state to a “Marked State” or otherwise Ordered World. Basically you empower your awareness/consciousness/actions to build and maintain a certain world…dimension…etc. Normal Reality. Fyi, this is in fact Abyssal Armor…nothing fancy about that :slight_smile:

I was simply assuming this came from that Studio Arcanis thread of where “Teddy Bear” had a vision of being lost in the abyss.

What is the Abyss? It is the Unmarked State or rather Unstructured Wilds or Wilderness of the Astral/etherial and all other higher/lower dimensions. Its where you go when stepping away from society on a spiritual level.

People may not like to hear this, but a certain drug can detach your soul from your body and guide it to the abyss. It is Dextromethorphan (DXM). Its a dissaciative like ketamine (but well stocked at supermarkets and pharmacies), and the usual dose is a whole box of the purple coricidin cough and cold, followed by another box hours later. It is like a magicka potion from Elder Scrolls, it brings about complete ego death, and spirits come forth into your temple much faster and more prominently. Very good for ritual and spellcasting. Its not good for your heart so I would not do it often but it DEFINATLEY puts you in the fourth dimension.

all you need to know about the abyss is chaos and madness.

Chaos? Yes. Madness? Hardly it’s the only sane place I know.

Its only chaos if you are not in control. It is only madness if you do not remain in control and so lose your marbles.