The Abyss


“I am the formed abyss. We are not different. All things are formed from one primordial nothingness, not at some point in the distant past, but in each moment. Every moment that you consider me, I come into being. Every moment that you consider yourself, you are brought into existence. Stop considering yourself, and you will cease to be.” Azazel pg. 45

I would like to start a discussion on the Abyss. It’s nature, substance and use for the sorcerer.

I was in an evocation earlier this week when Azazel rushed my circle of pacts. The entire room went dark quickly, and I spoke a spontaneous demonic enn. As I continued the chant, my world grew blacker and blacker. I was sitting in total darkness and silence, my inner monologue was completely still as I was at the moment of conscious collapse. It was in this state of rapture that Azazel spoke to me. He said I was standing at the event horizon of the abyss.

What I could see was a thick Black Metal Soup, it was black matter, dense like molten steel and light could not escape. All of the elements had been fused into one and spirit was even disintegrated and returned to the collective whole. There was the impression that no thought would remain there, as it was pure unconsciousness. Any amount of thought formed there would immediately be thrust into formed reality.

There were some explanations, impressions, and visions given to me by the demon. Also a command given for exiting the Abyss was given to me. I spoke this during the vision and immediately I was transported back to acceptable reality. Sitting in the middle of my COP in the living room. The over all impression that I get, is a sorcerer could go to this unformed realm and command a new reality into existence. A reality which would be immediately awakened to.

Does this sound reasonable to any of you more experienced mages? I’m hesitant to post anything that Azazel told me as I’m not wishing to come off like “some fucking demon told me this shit, you should believe it as well.” I would like to hear your experiences, theories, thoughts, or questions. Also if there is any reading material you could point me to I would appreciate it, as my internet searches have only produced garbage. Thanks in advance.



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I think it depends on what you mean by creating a new reality.
In my experiance, I have been able to use the “place” you are talking about to select futures that I consider favourable to my material and spiritual progression but they are still linear to this current space-timeline. Which isn’t to say they are “perfect” in the sense of having myself fully provided for in what would be the conventional interpretation but rather are perfect in that they will provide me with the experiances I need to continue my evolution whilst protecting me from extreme unfortunateness.

I think when you are working in this “place” you are really connected to the higherself so whilst ego-self might say"I’m going to create a reality where I’m a rock star with all the sex and material things I could ever want for and the time to pursue the occult" that higher self might say you need something else, after all the reality you are incarnated in presumably exists for a reason and was probably created from this “place” originally in a similiar fashion.

In terms of creating totally new and fantasical realities, sci-fi universes and fantasy worlds or things more surreal yet it becomes a bit blurry. I have “looked in” on realities like these and I supose its definitly possible to incarnate into them but then there would be a linear fracture between the current you and that incarnation and so the details of this reality would be remembered, at best as perhaps a dream, if at all. Further to that, based on the concept of infinite realities, this reality would presumably continue to exist so the current you would come back wondering if anything happened at all.

This is ofcourse pretty theoretical and based off my own research and experiance. Even by my standards it walks the line of crazy and I am tempted to leave it by the way side as mental garbage.
Is it really even useful? I supose you would want to get to a point where you could transfer a continious sense of consciousness between incarnations and also choose which reality you would incarnate into, but then if you already know all the rules and whats going to happen then perhaps it becomes a bit pointless and so you choose to forget and awaken as a new soul… and then here we are.


You really hit on something that I’ve been thinking about a lot lately. The transference of self-consciousness from this incarnation into the next. Making my current self into an immortal self that continues the linear pattern into the next life. This has become a bit of an obsession since learning to transfer my conscious self into the world and objects around me. Now the ability to visit other dimensions has become a reality I wonder where the limit of possibility lies.

All that being said, I am looking for information and experiences from the specific dimension of the Abyss. What it’s power is, and how can it be used to manipulate the current acceptable reality which I experience daily?

I’m fairly happy with my current rock star life, but there are minor alterations to this reality which I would like to manipulate via occult means. Though, I’m not sure exactly what harnessing the power of the abyss is capable of, I do not wish to limit any possibilities based on fear or ignorance. Nor would I want to hyper-inflate possibilities though imagination and fantasy.

I can definitely see the value in being able to impress a fantasy world into reality, especially if you were an Author.

Let’s keep this going guys, I think there is a lot more to say about this topic, though I’m running out of time to write today.


I think the only limitation is the idea of limitation.
What needs to be established is what are your goals? What do you want to change and why? Do you need to heavily manipulate the conditions of your reality to do so or can it be achieved in more simplistic way?

For example from my own life, I have the means to achieve almost any material desire I could want, I have a job that earns very well, a title that makes me socially prestigious and am attractive and charismatic enough to get the various benifits of being so. So what do I want? Social power? Not really, I have realised that you can’t save people from there own stupidity.
More material property? To an extent yes but it has become increasing specific and to be honest I don’t need to occult to achieve those goals.
Now here it is, I want to learn things and see things that I can’t get with money. 6 months ago I had never evoked to materialisation, I hadn’t experienced enlightenment, I’d never been to a proper underground rave, i had never worked my own plot of land. 12 months ago I had never traveled the world with out the safety net of family, I experienced crazy, hilarious and terrifying things.
So then what is next? As my experiences increase my limitations on what I think is possible become reduced and so I use the occult in its assorted forms the manifest more interesting and novel experiences. I always wanted to be part of an international cartel of sorcerers and look at all this!
I always wanted to go into space, really get scifi and will I get to? Who knows, 5 years ago space exploration was economically on the out and aliens were just for crazy people, now on this very forum people are evoking greys and alleged races like the pledians and delivering the same spiritual message as every major prophet in history, including E.A.
And on the topic of E.A., look at what he is doing, look at the following, look at the message. How do you think this movement will be viewed in the future? For those of us applying the work, we are getting the results. Is history likely to view E.A. In the same way as Aliester Crowley? Arguably the most influential Magician in modern history. I think so, of course in a different flavour
Considering that E.A. Is using the Abyss what do you think his intentions are and how do you think he is manipulating reality from that seat?

But then maybe I’m just rambling, how ever increasingly I am able to bend things to my liking and increasingly am I finding authors and people who do the same.
Although not specifically abou the Abyss, there is a book called “becoming god” that is about this sort of reality manipulation. Ultimately if you are here you want to make things different.

So then what makes it different between change reality to make you from poor to rich versus launching into the air and flying? How is one harder than the other? What is the base factor that controls these degrees?


I almost want to change reality for the sake of changing reality. To have the experience of creating whatever I want and watching it spring up into my life. I suppose nothing would be different in the use of magickal powers to change a man from poor to rich or to make him fly through the air.

Experience is the one thing in life that is truly priceless. Love, money, friendship, those are all great, but easily obtainable with or without occult means. Contacting Aliens, Angels and Demons on the other hand, I do not know many people who can do that. But it can’t stop at just calling these beings up for a beer and a chat. It’s about using their power and knowledge to do something truly unique that effects the overall evolution of mankind.