The abyss

I’m back, anyway I was soul traveling last night, now as you know to get to certain planes you travelling across " the abyss ", " the outer darkness ".

Normally you would cross it like a spiritual bridge, but lately with loads of shit going on as me and @Lady_Eva discussed.

I came drawn to just give in, to be possessed, drowned and consumed within the abyss, within this darkness.

Voices whispers and noises that I have never heard, began to manifest, phantom faces, demonic faces, monsterous beings, tried to make me face my fears BUT …

I have no fears, so I basked in this chaotic, darkness, I could feel it latch on to me, the more I embraced it, the more powerful the abyss’s influence on me became.

I rode that mothefucker out, for what felt like eternity, I was consuming all its power and energy, staying in the abyss is warned against, in almost all soul travel systems.

But as I connected to this ancient dark force, I came to a realisation, I felt this energy before, as I connected to this power and current, I reconnected to my own past spiritual side of me.

There in this darkness a glowing obsidian mist, formed as a Column in front of me and low and behold, it was my first spirit I ever worked with
" The Grim Reaper ".

His presence took over, the mixture of death and darkness, chaos and abyss, and for some reason Saturnian demonic powers, were manifesting to a huge critical degree.

He uttered these words " I am always here, you are always here, we are always together in the abyss ".

At that moment I took all that power that accumulated around me into my spiritual form, then in these high realms, I rose to bring that power to a high vibrations, then I brought to our low dense vibrations.

Then I brought that power back down into this realm and pushed it into my own astral matrix, within my physical body too.

The surge of power has kept me up for hours, it’s a mixture of Saturnian, demonic, chaotic, necromantic, darkness, Abyssmic power all in combination, I’m allowing this to infiltrate my being, that’ll be stored within me for some powerful inner alchemical transmutation work.

Let me Know what you think.


Wow thats really cool that you met the “grim reaper” character again. I’ve read a lot about the abyss but I haven’t experienced it.

How do you store the energy and then reuse it later? I mean thats a lot of different there a certain place you have to will it to to store it or is it circulating through your body.

You should try to see if someone that has read you in the past could do it again now to see if they notice any changes.I notice a huge change in how you speak when you write in the last few months

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Pretty awesome experience. Thank you for sharing.

Always a pleasure to read your experiences. Well done!

Ah, maybe some day I will meet the Grim Reaper as well.

Oh, also

How did it feel? Did you feel like you could annihilate pretty much everything?


Awesome! And welcome back, I knew you couldn’t stay away :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Thanks my brother :fist:t2:.


all is bound to chaos