The 9 Experiment

I am interested in starting a friend with benefits type experiment also like the one Bran did. Basically I want 8 other people the group will be a total of 9 people. To over the period of 9 days evoke a spirit that has power in finance, prosperity, wealth etc you get my point. This will purely be a money/prosperity/wealth experiment. Each person will be assigned one of the nine days. Each person will state what is is they want (intent) in their life to happen in the realm of money/prosperity/wealth and on their day everyone in the group will perform an evocation asking the spirit they evoke to bring that desire to pass. Each person will be assigned a day in which the group will perform an evocation for them and ask a spirit to bring their desire to pass.

[ Guidelines ]

  1. You must perform the evocation. No excuses if you want to take part in this experiment.

  2. The spirit you evoke must be in the realm of finance/prosperity/wealth.

  3. The day’s assigned will be on a first come basis meaning whoever signs up first will be at the top of the list.

  4. E.A. as well as many other sources state that there is power in 9 such as the council of 9 see link for more details

  5. To sign up for this group just post in this topic stating that you want to take part in this experiment.

  6. Also the person having the evocation done for them can also request what spirit he/she wants evoked for their desire to be made manifest. They may also request that no harm be done in bringing their will to pass and that must be abided by in the invocation you do for them.

  7. Only one desire is allowed meaning this isn’t a genie in a bottle type situation you will state one specific desire in the realm of money/wealth/prosperity you want brought to pass in your life

  8. This experiment will begin as soon as all 9 spots are filled.

  9. So send me a private message or just post in this topic to let me know you want to take part in this experiment of 9.

So are you performing this on someone behalf?

Each person who signs up for this experiment will have to also perform an evocation on each of the 9 days. So if you sign up for this you will also have to perform an evocation for each of the 9 days for each of the 9 people taking part in this experiment.

Here is a link to the experiment that Bran did so basically I am following that same vein so click on this link and look it over to get an idea of what I want to do with this 9 experiment

I am willing to participate.

Now we just need 7 more participants.

Apparently everyone on this forum is a millionaire and doesn’t need to take part in this prosperity evocation circle LOL

Also if your evocation skills are not to the point where you actually see the spirit materialize during your evocations that is ok just believe that the spirit is there and believe that your evocation will work. You don’t have to be an advanced practitioner to take part in this experiment so don’t be shy take part in this 9 experiment and and you will see a flood of prosperity in your life after it has completed.

Yeah, I’d be tempted except I have no possible window to do 9 solid days of work on this available for the next month or probably more, still quite surprised that no-one’s into the idea.

The spirits love a worker, magick loves ambition, and money loves speed… and the big spending season of the year is coming up soon! lol

Then I will join

i’d love to join as well.

We only need 5 more participants. Also if you need a refresher make sure to watch these videos on how to evoke a spirit.

If we don’t reach the full 9 participants we will go ahead with this anyways maybe 4 is the magic number.

According to a lot of sources, it’s the Number of Jupiter!

According to a lot of sources, it’s the Number of Jupiter![/quote]

Also, 4 is a number of work. Working to manifest a result in the physical plane would be consisting with 4.

damn! i’m so skint I could go 2 or 3 times! the rest of you must be doing really well - half your luck!! :slight_smile:

OK this is our group. I cannot wait any longer ! this experiment will begin on December 15th so post in this topic as a comment what it is you are needing and or wanting in your life in the area of finance it can just be a general increase in wealth but if you have a specific goal or job or situation you want altered then state it as specifically as you can. Remember if you cannot see the spirit you are evoking that is OK just believe it is there because as you know when you follow the guidelines of evocation the spirit is there.

I have never performed an evocation before and have wanted to experience one. I see the number 9,911,333, & 710 a lot. I would like to participate because #1.I would like to gain experience, 2.I could do with some wealth building & 3.My birthday is on the 15’th. If there was any way I could participate, that would be highly appreciated.

Yes you can oliellis we will be starting soon so it would be good for you to think of the thing you want to bring to pass.

Thank you so much! When I have it in mind do I send you a message?