The 84 genies power

so i bought this book from amazon and was really curious because of its reviews.
I wanted to see other people opinion since the author’s other writings are kinda more of a paraphrase of the DOM work, not my words but thats most reviews from people on the other books. So it made me question the reliability of the author.

What do you yall think? also have anyone tried to take the sigil of the genie and summon it without the god names of the provided whole sigil ? if so did it work ?

I have it and read it, but I haven’t really tried it on its own yet.

It’s an excellent dictionary of Genies though. If you read Magickal Protection, Magickal Seduction, and Magickal Cashbook from GoM, you’ll recognize a few of them from before.

I also got Whitespire’s book on the 72 Angels and Goetic WoP, but I was a bit lost when it came to the astrological correspondences (I know mid/basic Astrology, but idk how it’s supposed to be applied according to the book).

For example, if the author mentions a spirit corresponds to Neptune square Jupiter… what am I supposed to do with that? Wait for that specific transit? Or does it mean the spirit will favor me more if I have that aspect in my own birth chart? If it’s inconsequential… why even bring it up and cause so much confusion? It’s relatively easier with the 84 Genies book because the day and planetary correspondences are all you need, imo.

Particularly in the Goetic WoP book, I can’t figure out what it means to have the spirits’ abilities divided into how they affect each house, and a lot of those abilities didn’t even resonate. For example, Haures’ ability description for the 7th House states: “To bring an attitude of mutual support, understanding, and harmony between partners.” Glasya-Labolas’ ability description (for the 6th) states: “To bring understanding between ourselves and those we work with.”

And I was like… wait, what? A lot of the abilities seemed redundant and repetitive too.

Also, the Goetic WoP book doesn’t have an index on Kindle, which means you have to spend some time searching for the spirit you’re interested in.


Don’t look for validation. You have the book, go use it!

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I am not looking for validation … i am looking for experience or thoughts.

yeah i agree… seeing all those repetitive and redundant abilities made me doubt the experience and knowledge of the author. I was hoping to see more of what each spirit did for the author. Which made me feel like the author paraphrased their knowledge with testing.

Also i asked this because i dont like to work with god names and trappment. at least thats how i feel about the sigil or why else would god names be surrounding the sigil of the spirit. i think i might end up just using the spirit sigil and working with them that way. One other thing other than description that i appreciated it was the correspondences and planetary information provided which makes working with them easier since there is not information on all of them.

That’s what happened to me with the Goetic WoP book, but the 84 Genies book seems really comprehensive, and each Genie is carefully described in a unique way without being redundant.

The Genies in the book are not “trapped” at all. Read the whole book. The author explains the nature of the Genies and how they relate to the operator.

The divine words and names are for the operator to assume authority and be in control, no more and no less.

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