The 6th Finger

If anyone has considered the idea of a 6th finger like a 3rd eye I’d like to know your interpretation of what element it might correspond to. So far I’ve come up with space as it’s fundamental.

I had one on my both hands when I was a child actually,doctors took them off with an operation.It was nothing extraordinary except some fuckery of my dna tho. :smiley:

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That’s fucking maaaaad! I would ask where the finger was but I feel like I know :smile: . However my concept wasn’t so literal :smile: I wonder if the sixth finger would be both hands put together as some mudra or an imagined finger of space at the base of the palm. I’m pretty much trying to relate it to some sort of hidden geometry of the hands based on the hexagram with the sixth finger being at the base of the palm, underneath the middle finger or between the mid and ring finger.

Oh lol they were coming from middle point of my little fingers.Kinda animallistic.

I really cant say anything about what you have thought of tho :smile:

I remember in a dream I had when I was a child, I had six fingers on one hand.
Haven’t put much thought into it though :thinking: