The 42 Letter Name of God Pathworking

Part Four Overview

This part, while it seems to have some physical aspects, definitely focuses on the endurance of the mind in particular. My focus on my goals improved while using this part. It does not erase or prevent obstacles on its own, but it seems to remove the impulse to all smaller things to pull your focus from the overall goal. It does not really address anything on an emotional aspect. If anything, it dulls emotions a bit so you can focus more, which can be a problem if one relies on emotions with their magic.

I associate this part of the 42 Letter Name with Mercury. The next part will likely address things on both a mental and emotional level, as it is credited to help with intuition and foresight.


Part Five Day One Ritual

This part of the name is credited to help develope intuition and foresight, in particular what we call psychic abilities. Since it was the first day, I stuck with working with this one part alone. I wrote the Hebrew on my left wrist and began the meditation by focusing on a flame in my chest. With each intake, the flame grew brighter and i directed it to expand with each exhale. I allowed it to climb up my chest, into my throat and finally my mouth. However, when I blew on the part of the name, the visual of mist came to mind. The energy was very subtle at first as I chanted the name, growing in intensity as I chanted. It never got to an overbearing point but I was definitely buzzing afterwards. I stated my intention for my intuition and senses to be strengthened and released.

I decided to break out my Angelarium Oracle Deck. This is a beautiful deck but the author is not really clear on what each card means in a way tarot cards tend to be book wise. You kind of have to read inbetween the lines. I decided to focus the question on why I am becoming more able to get teary eyed from the arts as well as people since beginning this working. I still a bit of a stotic in terms of emotional display due to both upbringing and tramua so it is a bit unusual for me. I pulled two cards.

The first is Chesed, which is the sephirot of kindness in the Kabbalah and part of the Pillar of Mercy. It sits across from Gevurah, which is Strength/Discipline, on the Pillar of Severity. They balance each other out and since I tend to lean more towards Gevurah, perhaps this change is meant to help balance me. The keywords on the card are “Right Hand” and “Empathy”

The second is Sandalphon, the Angel of Music and Ascension. Sandalphon was credited to once being human who ascended into an angel. Perhaps the emotional influx from the arts is a sign of his influence. Or perhaps these balancing acts are part of my path to ascension. I tend to lean more LHP so the work I am doing has been challenging my comfort zone. The keyword is “New Life” so perhaps all this is just part of the progress of my overall goal.


Part Five Day One Observations

Definitely more subtle than the other parts, although it could be because I have already been developing my intuition for a long time. My focus has not faltered and I was able to jump through more hoops than usual even though the work load was more demanding on my end physically today. I was able to really catch problems before they became problems.

That being said, the numbers ultimately were half than it was when I was using the other parts of the name. Not sure if that it was because it was a bad day or because I did not use the other parts of the name. Seeing as i will be taking a day off tonight from the working and will be off for the weekend, I will have to try again on Monday and see if I get similiar results. I get the impression that this is best suited as preparation for divination but I will have to see how it works in combinations later on.


Part Five Day Two Ritual

I repeated the ritual I performed on day one of this part. The energy was once again subtle but pireced deeply. As the buzz continued, I pulled out my Angelarium deck and pulled three cards, asking what I needed to know.

The first card was Sandalphon again. Once again, an awareness of transformation and further note of his possible influence. I get a possible vibe of gradual change over time, as he is the angel of the Malkuth. Rabbi Nachman of Bresolv credited this serphriot as symbolizing Oral Law, which he viewed as the source of the spirit of all living creatures. Not sure how true that actually is, but felt it was interesting enough to note.

Second card was Eistubus, the Angel of Divination. I honestly cannot find much information on this angel beyond the author so there is a chance it was their creation and i cannot go beyond what was described in the book. Basically, the signs of the future are in front of you and need to read them as they are, not twisting them into what you want to see. There is a note on the use of shapes in magic (sacred geometry if you will) which reflects elements of this working to a degree. Not much more i can add to that.

The third card is Phanuel, who is credited as the fourth archangel in the book of Enoch (not Uriel). He is the angel who bears truth and administrators judgment. This, in combination with the other two angels, seems to indicate that i am progressing on this path and am grasping what is needed. I get the impression that I will not be able to step away from this projection (not that I planned to) and must see it through. I get the strong thought of “initation”.

Interesting reading


Part Five Day Two Observations

I actually was pretty out of it tonight. It was like having a cloth wrapped around my head all night, dulling my physical senses a bit while highening my abilities to sense energy and emotions. At one point, I wondered how much energy I have invested in my workplace and decided to take it all back, visualizing threads of my own energy being pulled from the work place into myself. I did not replace it with ill intentions or anything like that, just what I have invested into it. The result was massive machinical problems that lead to only a third of production made, including areas that i have no control over. Furthermore, I got a lot of blame for it, even from people I did not really interact with. I could not only see but feel the fear in their eyes. I eventually restored the threads and things began to run smoothly again, but it is a bit of an eye opener for me. I’ve put in quite a bit of energy into a place that has served as my magical laboratory.


Interesting Addition: I found a source on Eistubus beyond the author of the oracle deck. He is a part of the Nuctemeron from the work of the Greek Philosopher Apollonius of Tyana, which set a series of daemons known as geniuses to twelve hours. Eistubus is the genius of divination within the fourth hour group of spirits.


Part Five Day Three Ritual

For today, I decided to use the First (protection and empowerment), Third (to gain insight) and Fifth part of the Name (to gain foresight). I wrote all three on my arm and recited the Kabbalist Prayer to help slip me in the state. I used the same flame technique i have been using lately to charge them as I chanted the parts, putting my intention into each. I first noticed a ringing in my left ear, which is not something that happens. It sounded like a mixture of static and someone speaking too fast. When I tried to tune in, I lost it.

The second was a strong visual of the parts forming a triangle. The first part formed the base, the third formed the left side and the fifth formed the right. I held this image as I finalized my intention and released it.

I broke out my Angelarium deck and pulled three cards. They were three Kabbalist angels as far as my memory goes: Shateiel (silence), Suchlaph (Verdancy. This associates as growth to me) and Matariel (Rain). I will have to take some time to research the angels individually but the message that comes to me is that taking the time to observe (to be silent or still if you will) will allow me to both grow and be aware of the patterns in my life. It could possibly nourish me as well, like rain for crops.


Part Five Day Three Observations

Overall, a good night. I did not have that foggy mind problem last night, if anything my head was clear. That being said, I was still pretty disattached from everything. Most of my night revolved around minor maintenance jobs that kept me from my usual tasks. I was better able to tackle little problems before they became bigger ones and resulted in excelling the goals that was the goal in my other experiments with this name. The difference was that 1) I am not as exhausted, 2) it did not really need my involvement, and 3) I had time to reflect on my path and where I want to take things in thst regards outside of work.


Part Five Day Four Ritual

For this ritual, I wrote all five parts of the Name i have worked with so far. I charged each as I wrote them with the flame technique I was doing, setting my intention for each (protection and empowerment, binding two individuals that tend to get in my way, to gain insight, setting my goal for 2,400 parts, and to gain foresight). As I worked with them, the image of them forming a pentagon came to mind, with the first part forming the base for the others to build on. I finalized my intention and released. Feeling a bit charged but nothing overbearing.

This is turning out to be quite a layered work. It is complex when put into words but it is really just a series of smaller rituals building up into one working. You would think that the change in intentions would be difficult but, since they all relate to eachother, it actually goes smoothly. That being said, the rituals are getting longer and it is getting harder to hide all the hebrew lol. Oh well, let’s see what results come before I decide to change things up.

Pulled a few cards from my Angelarium deck. I pulled Chokhmah (the sepirot of wisdom and associated with the right eye), Shateiel (again, the angel of silence from the books of Enoch), and Suchlaph (angel of verdancy, also from Enoch). So, taking a step back to observe again will likely provide lessons and avenues for growth.


This is really interesting, my friend. Keep up the great work!



I think at the end of all this I am going to create some symbols for each stage of this working as shapes keep emerging when i rebook at the combinations I have worked with. That will be completely my own work. I will think about it more before posting them here, obviously after testing


Part Five Day Four Observations

Failed. Missed the mark by 100 parts, mainly due decisions out of my control. I am noticing with this working, when it does fail, it always close. It usually is around 95% of my set goal. I am not sure if it is due to Saturn’s influence from the first part or if energy shifts where it is needed. For example, I miss my goal and the binding was not as strong as before, but I was able to maintain enough mental awareness to avoid an accident that would have been a severe injury if I was lucky. So it seems to have shifted from achieving a goal to protection and clarity needed to avoid the injury. This could indicate a conscious being behind the working as opposed to strictly energy work, which is something i have been wondering the past few days. Overall, a valuable experience.

Tonight, I will be using the same combination but creating a symbol that I has been on my mind instead to see if there is a difference.


Part Five Day Five Ritual

Today, I am using the symbol that popped into my mind. Because I already know I will be having some challenges today as the other team captain is on vacation, I lowered the goal from 2,200 to 2,000. I began the ritual by reciting the Kabbalahist Prayer. I then drew a pentagon and wrote the first part of the name on the base. On the left sides, I wrote the Second and Fourth part on the left (as I noticed that the left side of the Kabbalah appears to be more external than the right). On the Right, I wrote the Third and Fifth parth. I activated each by chanting them one at a time as I wrote them, filling them with my intention for each. Finally, I created a five pointed star within the Pentagon. I recited each one more time and visualized light from each pouring into the lines, forming the symbol. I finalized my intention and released. Feeling the energy for sure, although there is a bit of frustration during it as it took some time to create this and it seemed like everyone wanted me to do something as I was creating this. But that is family life.

Pulled three cards out of the Angelarium Oracle deck. I got Raziel (Angel of mysteries and one of the angels of the Kabbalah. Said to be the keeper of knowledge), Sahaqiel (Angel of the Sky, who seems to be a protection angel as well), and Eistibus (Angel/Genius of Divination who reveals the future). Seems like I am protected and knowledge is unveiling to me as I walk, although it may not be obvious at first. Seems like I am on the right track.


Part Five Day Five Observations

Success. While the night was definitely crazy due to being understaffed, all the hurdles were not too hard to get over. The goal was achieved, I did not get hurt, i did not have to deal with unnecessary decisions throwing a wrench into things, and j was mentally aware enough to both understand the now and predicted future problems. Interestingly enough, I found myself pretty much performing a type of meditation promoted by the Buddhist monk Thich Nhar Hanh, who’s work I studied while attending a Vietnamese Buddhist temple a decade ago. Basically, it is the art of being completely present with your breath and whatever task you are doing, focusing on nothing else. It was from that state i was able to notice patterns where i could eliminate problems before they started without dreading the possible result. Since this was not drawn on my body, I also do not feel as tired afterwards. Everything was very much balanced.

Tonight I will repeat the ritual without drawing it to see if simply activating it without taking the time to draw it fresh will yield similiar results


Part Five Day Six Ritual

Pretty much the same as the day before, except i reactivated the symbol with each of the five parts in order, beginning with the base. The image of building a house came to mind as i activated each and allowed the energy to bleed into the lines. I did lower the goal when I went to the fourth name as the previous shift is high understaffed due to a covid outbreak, which will cause obstacles to overcome. Finished the ritual by finalizing my intention and release.

Three cards from Angelarium are: Yesod (the ninth sepirot that is basically considered a gateway between the physical and spiritual world as the three branches come from this point), Leliel/Lailah (an angel from the Talmund credited to being both the angel of night and the angel that carries souls into bodies upon birth, as well as both a guide throughout life and psychopump for individuals. Considered to be an angel of conception and pregnancy upon other things), and Matariel (Angel of Rain). It seems like what I am working to build is being nurtured and is about ready to emerge into reality.


Part Five Day Six Observations

So, I feel like i was just ran through a meat grinder, but it was successful. It was not as smooth running as the last time but that was more because of the conditions that were already established prior to the ritual. Considering what was available, the working went as well as it could have, as the different elements of the intention were achieved. So, it not the act of writing/drawing that gives the working its power, at least for this symbol. I am more tired this go around, but I was doing multiple jobs due to the conditions prior to ritual.

Since it will Sabbat tonight and using this working has exhausted me in the past (as well as hinder the work), I am going to use this symbol again for the last experiment to see if that rule stands with using the 42 letter name in a symbol as opposed to it being written on bare skin.


Part Five Day Seven Ritual

Repeated the same ritual again to see if using symbols along with the name can “bypass” the usual hindrance the working has when performing it on the Jewish Shabbat. It took more effort and focus to activate each part, let alone channel the energy of each into forming the symbol in its entirity. Not a good sign but i will allow the results to do the talking. The situation will not be ideal tonight, but when is it ever?

As for the Angelarium, I pulled three cards: Gevurah (the sepirot of discipline, also called judgement or strength), Gabriel (the Archangel of communication, especially speech. He also gives souls to the angel Lailah to be born, which makes me associate him with the concept of ideas that manifest into reality), and Zachriel (the Archangel of Memory who also serves as an angel of the sun, children, and a prince of angels who aid humans within the more religious view of things). Looks like i really am going to have to pay attention both to how things are communicated as well as memory. Interesting


Part Five Day Seven Observations

Technically a success, but at a price. I found myself quite exhausted at the end of the day as I had to fulfill three roles to reach my quota. I found myself recasting aspects of tne working to get things just right to skip by the obstacles until the very end where j was snared in a position i could not escape out of. I had to admit defeat at that point with one set of machines. So, I can say that this working can technically be done during the jewish Sabbat, but the overall theme is that it takes much more out of you than it usually does. Or at least it did for me. I do not feel the need to continue to test that aspect of this working any longer as I seemed to have exhausted it.


Part Five Overview

So, there is potential with this part to achieve what Baal Kadmon claims it can be used for. Not only does it strengthen awareness of what your gut is telling you in the moment but trusting it is no longer a question while under its influence. You just go with it. Not sure how it would be for someone who has not worked with divination or anything relating to foresight, but i would say it is worth exploring.

As far as planetary influence, i would say it is very close to the Moon, as not only deals with intuition, but the fear with trusting the unknown.