The 3 Kundalini Kriyā method

These methods can be used by everyone no matter your practice. The purpose is to intensify the Kundalini Shakti tremendously within the body. The breathing technique allow to help circulation, enhance the process and remove pressure in the head. They can be useful to remove the granthis.

It consist of 3 method which you switch between. When you feel the need, you switch to one of the other methods any other that you wish to use and it will be a cycle and so forth.

To intensify Shakti more and more and to merge with it.

1. Body breathing : As you observe the breathing, the air entering into the lung and out, feel the entire body. You sense the skin itself. Now on the in-breath you feel the Shakti growing in intensity and size. On the out-breath you let go of any control or duality and merge with Shakti in and around the body.

As this continues, you will feel the body’s limits dissolve, while the feeling of Shakti becomes more tangible than the feeling of the body. Do this for as long as Shakti gets stronger, and you merge more and more. It depends on the intent of the practicer let the shakti remove all the limitation of the body, of the soul, of the spirit. Or for the Void practicer you can let the Void replace the energy from inside.If you are emptying your astral body or chakras in order to fill it back up with Void energy.

2. Spinal breathing On the in-breath, feel that you are raising energy up the entire spine at once, from the perineum ( muladhara) to the top of the head ( sahasrara). Fee the Shakti as you do this and chant simply the mantra Om as you do this. On the out-breath, feel that you are radiating and limitless energy, in all directions from the brain and scull. You can think of Kundalini Shakti (as a goddess if you want) and chant the mantra Kreem as you breath out. Feel Shakti grow and merge your entire being with Shakti. Do this as long as Shakti gets stronger and you merge more and more. When you feel that you cant do more return to full body breathing. If you feel the energy pressure in the head becomes unpleasantly high, replace this practice with Kriyā Prānāyāma. Kreem is the seed mantra for Mother Kali, the destroyer of ignorance. For the Void practicer use this mantra to destroy the body mind limitation. Draconian ones can use Vovin and so on.

3. Merging inflow and outflow Here you do not follow the breath, but feel Shakti flows into the entire body every part of the body and at same time radiates from the entire body. This is a paradox but great meditation to expand kundalini.

When you have done these meditation for a while you can do the Kundalini Kriya Breathing

Kriya Pranayama

On the in-breath sense energy rising up inside Sushumnā to the top of the scull and say Ong during the breathing then on the out-breath say Sauh and at same time feel the energy descending into the perineum. Do that during 10mn.
Now do the core technique during 10mn :

  1. On the in-breath imagine and feel shakti moving from the perineum up inside the entire spine to the top of the head as a flow in the entire channel. You can mentally think the mantra Om or Hreem Kreem

  2. Hold your breath in a comfortable and relaxed manner. Meanwhile, imagine/feel the energy in the brain radiate in all directions remove the limitation of the skull there is no skull only a radiance. You can mentally think the mantra Aim or Hreem Kreem

  3. On the out-breath continue radiating shakti in all directions from the brain. You can mentally think the mantra Kreem or Hreem Kreem.

OM = primal spirit, pure consciousness the Purusha
Aim =Primal Shakti/feminine force also this is the bija of Sarasvati Goddess so this is the higher wisdom, knowledge and speech this mantra invoke the inner guru or if you prefer your inner personnal god.
Kreem= Kriya Shakti the force of motion and activity. The bija of Kali who destroy ignorance and bring transformation. Kreem is the bija of Kundalini awakening.
Hreem = Shakti power

If you want a merciless and most direct effect use the mantra HREEM KREEM but be cautious as it will be harsh very harsh. *A bit like receiving all the qliphotic initiation at once, all the test at same time. The stronger effect can be felt after some days to one month. This mantra is really powerful for kundalini and removing all the veil of the consciousness. Usually it is adviced to consume a lot of water to help the negative process to flow out from the body *

In this case replace the other mantra by HREEM KREEM.

If you have too much pressure in the head simply do HONG ( raise energy into the spine) on the in breath Sauh ( see the energy descending at perineum) on the out breath do that until the pressure is removed and then be at peace for some time.