That's any way to change username on the forum?

Hi guys. Is there any way to change the nickname here on the forum?

It cames to me that my nickname is used by other people here in Brazil and that’s can make a hell of confusion.

That’s anyway to do that?

Yes. @Lady_Eva? Thy help is needed. As I dont know how, but have seen it done


Evoke the moderator, @Lady_Eva with the mighty ‘@’ sign, and she can help.

Edit: Damn, I was too slow again :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks for posting this. I’ve been wondering this myself. For some reason I’m having an urge to change mine to something less threatening : “Mr Fancypants Superstar” comes to mind as an option.


There’s any enn or sigil to evoke @Lady_Eva???

We need you, me and the Mr Fancypants here! Please, come to our aid!


I thought about changing mine :thinking:

Not sure to what though.


I just need mine to be changed to Onyx, and I swear to god I won’t ever bother you again. @Lady_Eva

I’m not seeing how to message @Lady_Eva . Were you able to resolve your problem? If so, how?

You’ve just called her. Be patient and remember that she have a life also, then probably she’ll contact you. If don’t, just try to PM her. It can take some time, though, I believe she receives a lot of requests daily.



Sure, I can do that. :smiley:

Usernames need to start and end with a letter or number and the system can only do underscores or hyphens within the name, not spaces. You can check if the name you want is already taken by typing the @ symbol, then the name you want without a space between, it will autocomplete to that name if it’s already used.

Type it here exactly as you want it because I will copy it and paste it in. :+1:



thanks! :slight_smile:

Done. :smiley:

Oh wow,
@Lady_Eva could you please change me to
I stuck my real name in the wrong slot.

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Off-topic, but @Zapdubious, I love your profile pic now! FF1 black mages are so adorable!


Done, you are now @Zapdubious, don’t forget to use it next time you log-in. :+1:

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Also off-topic, but I was hearing this amazing song while I came to this topic and saw this topic about FF, which made me feel nostalgic about old FF games. Enjoy.

Ps: Nobou Uematsu is my man.

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Named by Rosani herself
How can I ever fail?

Somehow, the “pick a good name” thread seems like the right place for a Final Fantasy tangent.

This video has been part of my magical toolbox for almost two decades. These graphics were on Playstation. Like, no number, just Playstation from the 90’s. This game was the most beautiful thing that human progress had ever achieved.
I named this guy Vincent. It was perfect.


Damn, I can’t beat that. But I was going to share the music from Ultima Exodus, which was one of my very favorite games as a child. Very similar to the early FFs.

This music never fails to cheer me up. I had it as a ringtone for awhile, lol.

I would like to change my name to match my youtube channel name.


Ty :heart:

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Done, you’re now @Sleepy_me - remember to use it next time you log-in. :+1:

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