That one time I accidentally almost summoned Satan

Soooo lol
I just remembered this and thought it was kind of funny :grin:

When I first started praying to la Santa Muerte , I bought a small novenario (prayer) book. I set up the altar and everything and proceeded to open the prayer book

I began with the first prayer in there and realized when I had finished that the first prayer in the book was for Satan.

I hadn’t realized it because it didn’t say his name until the end.

Immediately when I realized I was like oh sh*t lol

I apologized and said it was an accident and I meant no disrespect. I don’t have any problem if some ppl do pray to him , just personally I wasn’t ready or trying to talk to him in particular.

Any who that’s my story lol beginner mistakes I guess :joy:


Gitana that’s just hilarious :slight_smile:

Did you experience any weird things after that?

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Lol no i think he understood im not going to lie I was a little nervous afterwards especially because it was one of my first experiences

Maybe it wasn’t an accident ? Satan works in mysterious ways :smile:

Glad all went ok with your evocation, Santa Muerte is very powerful spirit.

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Yes she is. I found her energy to feel warm and gracious, yet also encompassing and dark.

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Let Satan in your life :japanese_ogre:


I bet Satan was like: sure glad I flew through astral for 6 milliseconds STRAIGHT for fucking nothing…

Thats actually really funny. :joy: