That Moment When IV: Moon Prism Power, Make Up!


TMW you spend two hours on the phone with someone and plot a course for yourself


TMW you put love spell on ex, than he comes begging you to be with him , but you say NO SWEETIE TASTE YOUR MEDICINE :sunglasses: sooo wickedddd


Idiot xD


TMW buying a salad costs more than junk food


That moment when the more and more you look the more the random dot on my brow is a actual physical symbol that my third eye is open

Anyone that knows me knows i LOVE physical confirmation


What have you been up to that your Ajna is so active?


When it’s moving day (yaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy) and keep finding work everywhere that you forgot all about.
I’m gonna need a shovel.


Why is there tape around that “cookie jar” coughs? :smiley:


Hehehe… If I remember correctly I did this one for a legal matter, hence the color brown.


So it gets legal as soon as its wrapped up in something brown-ish? :smiley: orders a ton of brown paper bags and tape


It’s an ammonia jar! It’s to reverse a situation. You write on a note what you want to reverse and stick it on the inside of the lid. Then pour ammonia in it and turn it upside down, put it somewhere in the dark and forget about it. It’s easy peasy and effective, the brown tape is for that extra oomph. You should! It works.


You know…where I come from…our Urns look exactly like this. Like. Exactly :smiley: (minus the brown tape)


Damn… busted. :shushing_face:


I legit thought you had something entirely else going on there :joy:


Haha! :joy: It kinda does makes sense, reading back. Guess I wasn’t very clear. Blame it on my ADD baby. :notes:


I blame it on the shovel part, mostly :smiley:


Okay back to work.



Honestly not a whole lot i evoked marbas and asked if he could help with my physical sight and i call Lucifer to help with my clairaudiance


That moment when someone disrespects a spirit you like and you get upset and then the spirit in question says to you, ”Who cares what he thinks, f🤬ck him!“

Ok then. :woman_shrugging:


What spirit? Are you talking about my operation? Because I’m being as respectful as possible.