That Moment When IV: Moon Prism Power, Make Up!


spread my wings and FLY away


see you mothafuckas some other day


na na NA na na NA


No wonder why we have almost 1k posts in 3 days. Fucking Micah exists


na na naaa naa na DOOOO dee Doo


I wonder what is Gaias opinion on my existence

Better be good since I clapped them Earth Cheeks


Lmao tmw Nemesis decided to cancel typing :rofl:


That moment when I decide against advising Micah about the dangers of uncontrolled spontaneous telekinetic events. Especially for attempting to fly.


Oh what’s the worst that could happen :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


If I use my new book and THROW Micah off a roof at someone, is it assassination and murder, or is it assassination and assisted suicide? :thinking:


We linked…so if i get ejected, you get ejected too :rofl:


Irrelevant for the question


It is suicide and unfortunate accident if no one snitches.

@Micah Worst that could happen.

Except I doubt you would survive something like that. In fact get your own telekinesis I am keeping mine for myself.


Person #46389373783 to say that


So… Accidental assassination by unfortunate accident? @Micah we may have found your new calling card


Nope lol


Lmao that has actually happened before


You aren’t getting mine.


Sir, its being requisitioned by the Pope. Im gonna need you to cooperate


Wassup :smiling_imp: