That Moment When IV: Moon Prism Power, Make Up!


Not if he’s working with the feds. :zap::facepunch::zap:


True. But the results would be prosecutable. Bank robbed and you having More Money :rofl:


No, but they do prosecute the holding and use of, any funds received from said bank heist.




Lmao true


We are luminous beings and power is all that matters.

I saw the title.



God of Destruction Fist bump


Title change cause it’s almost the time when Christians perform psuedonecromancy and celebrate a man’s Death


Can you not


Make a complete statement pls


Sneak 100


With intimidation perk


That moment when either i am REALLY fucking tired (which I am 60 hours this week :face_with_thermometer:) or something or someone keeps talking to you in your sleep.

I keep waking up thinking like Fucking 20 years have passed but its been like 10 mins


That moment when anything not nailed down is likely to try and fly…


Except for religious figures


If they or what they are attached to aren’t nailed down they might fly too.


I believe I can fly


I can believe I can touch the sky


Stop doing LSD