That Moment When IV: Moon Prism Power, Make Up!


TMW Oddnan is your favorite


Send it to me Oddy :rofl:


Im getting one first. We can share like good mages


Tmw you cast at least 20 spells in 2 hrs
Fuck yes
Best day ever

With good music through ya headphones


TMW you dont know if Micah is gonna get results or shit the bed again


You know what. Im just gonna buy you a machete so you can actually get one right


Already got one :smiling_imp:
And a Axe :smiling_imp:


Then why do you suck at your job so much




I don’t fucking suck at my job :smile:


Im just fucking with you


@Oddnan I played some Debussy when I was young and handsome about 25 years ago. Now I’m “only” handsome as you know. :sunglasses::sunglasses:
Also some Etudes of Chopin and lots of Bach was a lot of fun, Ravel I never tried sadly though I love Le tombeau de Couperin. Aah my dark secrets start to reveal. :grin:


Plan B

I think I finally get it now.


The moment when your S.O, who doesn’t believe in magic and is atheistic, open their eyes due to surprise, and report to you that you have a weird symbol drawn on blood, on your forehead (where the third eye is). Then ,they blink and stop seeing it. Then they freak out and tell you that it was a satanic symbol and that it is not possible.

Interesting part here: spent the last day working on developing the third eye, the Dragon eye. No blood nor physical symbols were drawn on my body.

Me: aaaand that how I get to have bad witchy reputation even among the atheistic bitches.


You are now the female Antichrist




Tmw you watch a scene of American Horror Story
That show is fuckin Evil lol


This deffo has to do with me visualising the anticruxifiction whilst eating choco bunnies.
It is the secret.


Dont make me kick you outta Hell :expressionless:


That moment when…you are drunk at 3 in the aftetnoon. :sunglasses: