That Moment When IV: Moon Prism Power, Make Up!


Good. Nutella is disgusting






sets himself on fire to join the general trend of mayhem and garbage can kicking





Oh you’re bad.


I know! :smiling_imp:


What a monster.

Leaves the toilet seats up.


folds letters in a slightly wrong way


chews gum with mouth open


drinks from the milk carton and then puts it back in the fridge


peels blueberries and sets them out


goes out in the rain and then tracks mud all over the carpet


unleashes a hoard of baby spiders


TMW you think about making a post about magic to win a fight against cancer.
I don’t have cancer myself, but have worked magically with people who have had it. Not sure if someone would be interested on it.


Definitely. I’ve had two people in my family diagnosed with different forms of cancer in the last six months so I’d be very much interested.


I would be interested!


TMW you found the perfect notebook for @Micah


Buy me it for my birthday please


Sure :grinning: